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The United States "food god" healthy eating rules, to achieve these 5 points longer than t

Michael Pollen, a professor at the University of California, Berkeley, is a well-known American drinker and was named the “God of Food” by Time magazine. His books have won the James Beard Award for “Gourmet Oscars” for many times, such as “The Mistakes of the Omnivores”, “Cooking”, “Defending for Food”. Among them, the diet rule summarized in the book "The Law of Eating" is a model of the American nutrition community. In this issue, Life Times invited experts in the nutrition sector in China to combine these dietary rules to summarize healthy dietary recommendations for our residents.

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Rule 1: Eat less food that your ancestors didn't know. Polon advocates, don't eat foods that grandparents don't know. Zhu Yi, an associate professor at the College of Food Science and Nutritional Engineering at China Agricultural University, said that local, seasonal and common foods are a good choice when selecting food. Now that the material is rich, when we go to supermarkets and fruit shops, we often see the cherry produced in Chile and the avocado imported from Mexico. Most of these fruits are expensive, are they more nutritious than the national ones? In this regard, Zhu Yi said that imported fruit will lose some vitamins during long-distance transportation, and it is not as good as local fresh, and the nutritional value is not necessarily higher than that of domestic. Zuo Xiaoxia, director of the Nutrition Department of the 309th Hospital of the People's Liberation Army, reminded pregnant women not to eat rare foods during pregnancy. Many cases have been found in clinical cases. Pregnant women who eat too much food outside their usual eating habits during pregnancy may have an increased likelihood of neonatal allergies.

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Rule 2: Do not eat foods containing more than 5 ingredients. According to Bollen, the composition of some foods in supermarkets is very complex, such as additives and flavors. These processed foods cater to the public's preference for sweet, salty and fatty flavors, which can easily lead to excessive intake of food.

Zuo Xiaoxia believes that this statement can be understood as eating less processed foods. The more ingredients on the packaged food ingredient list, the more complex the processing steps may be. For example, processed meat products such as sausages and hams have been treated with salting, etc., and contain more sodium, nitrate, phosphate, etc.; if they are smoked, they may contain polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon compounds, which is unhealthy. Puffed foods contain more salt, sugar and oil. Too much food can affect appetite and lead to obesity. However, both experts said that it is not rigorous to judge whether food is healthy by simply using “five ingredients”. Take Laba porridge as an example. Its ingredients are rich in variety, thick and thin, and have high nutritional value. Pure milk is a recognized health drink, but when you look closely at the food ingredients, many milk products contain as many as five ingredients. For example, a milk ingredient list indicates "raw milk, polydextrose, monoglycerol fatty acid. Ester, diglycerin fatty acid ester, vitamin D", etc., milk production process is different, it will also lead to different ingredients, some manufacturers in order to maintain the taste and extend the shelf life, will also add food additives, are within the scope of the state, The body is basically harmless.

Rule 3: Do not blindly believe in new concepts of nutrition. There are many new nutrition concepts on the market, such as “low fat” and “no sugar”. Zhu Yi said that some new concepts may just be gimmicks. Taking “low fat” as an example, the fat content of such foods is indeed low, but if the energy of the whole diet is ignored, the purpose of controlling body weight cannot be achieved. In order to compensate for the lack of taste, some low-fat foods also increase the amount of sugar, which is not conducive to weight control. Although the "low sugar" and "sugar-free" foods are not added with refined sugar such as sucrose, starch syrup, maltose syrup, artificial sweetener or the like may be added. Studies have shown that long-term consumption of artificial sweeteners can increase weight and increase the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. In addition, the main ingredient of foods such as sugar-free biscuits, sugar-free bread, and sugar-free dumplings is starch, which is still converted to glucose through the digestive tract. Eating too much can also increase blood sugar.

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Rule 4: Avoid the supermarket central area and purchase at the periphery. A few days ago, the "Life Times" reporter investigated a number of large supermarkets such as Wal-Mart, Jingkelong and Wumei in Chaoyang District, Beijing. Into these supermarkets, the first thing that caught the eye of the reporters was processed meat, puffed food, bread and semi-processed food. Bypassing the central area, you can see food shelves and daily necessities such as milk, drinking water, fruits and vegetables. Zuo Xiaoxia said that most supermarkets use similar display methods: processed foods and semi-processed foods occupy the central area of ​​the supermarket. Fresh, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, grain and oil and other shelves are usually placed along the wall or in the corner. People want to buy unprocessed ingredients and need to bypass the central area. This is because processed foods are often bought or not, but their profits are relatively high, so they are mostly placed in a position to take. Processing and semi-processed foods contain more additives and have a heavier taste. Most of the supermarkets are purchased in fresh, fruits and vegetables. Rule

5: Don't eat too much food, plant-based. “Every meal is full, seven minutes old, healthy and old-fashioned; eat to control, don’t eat enough.” Eating too much and too much will increase the total energy intake, leading to a large accumulation of fat, which increases the risk of a series of diseases such as cardiovascular disease and fatty liver. Moreover, eating too much, a large amount of blood flows to the digestive tract, and the blood supply to the brain is insufficient, resulting in unresponsiveness, drowsiness, and accelerated brain aging. A number of studies have pointed out that proper starvation is good for keeping the brain running at a high speed. In addition to seven points full, it should be less than enough. Zhu Yi said that China's traditional diet is mainly plant, such as food, vegetables, fruits, and beans; Western countries prefer animal food such as meat and eggs. Plant foods Rich in dietary fiber, water-soluble vitamins, antioxidants, etc., help prevent and control chronic diseases such as hyperlipidemia and diabetes. It is based on this that in the past, the incidence of various chronic diseases in China was much lower than that in the western countries. At present, the intake of meat and oil in our country is increasing, but the staple food is eaten less.

Adults recommended by the China Nutrition Society have a daily intake of 25 grams of oil, and about 80% of households in the country exceed the standard. The same is true for salt consumption. The two experts pointed out that the usual diet should refer to the "Chinese Dietary Guidelines" recommendations, food diversity, cereals; eat more fruits and vegetables, milk, soybeans; eat fish, poultry, eggs, lean meat; less salt and less oil, Control sugar and alcohol. At the same time, it should be noted that cherishing food is not wasteful, food hygiene is not sick, establish a balanced diet, and enjoy a healthy and healthy life.