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Rational Matching of Common Foods

There are various kinds of food on our table, some of which are healthy to eat with, and some of which have a similar effect and can not be eaten together., and only by learning the correct combination of diet, can we have the role Of health. Today, Xiaobian is going to give you some advice on how to match the common food. Principles of Dietary Matching

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"The food is not tired." The aim is to achieve the goal of nutritional comprehensiveness through food diversification. "Miscellaneous" mainly refers to the variety of food, the span is large, the attribute is far, the average person's diet should be more Than 30 kinds of food every day (the Japanese per person daily food category requires more than 35 kinds). A kind of
_ A kind of
Food collocation must avoid the "inappropriate" of "Xiangke", which is safe and non-toxic. A kind of
Strive to match the food with a common performance to enhance the role of nutrition and health care. Combine modern nutrition theory with TCM health theory to guide the rational matching of food and the skills of matching. A kind of
Well, how should all kinds of food be matched?

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Coordination of Common Foods

Tomatoes are eggs are more cancer-proof. The study found that the risk of cervical cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer and other malignant tumors is relatively low among people who like to eat lycopene-rich foods. Tomatoes are rich in lycopene, an " The antioxidant expert", which is also considered to have a good anti-cancer effect. It needs to be reminded that the human body better absorbs lycopene, need to have two conditions at the same time: first, it is best to cook, because lycopene Is a fat-soluble pigment, tomato, raw absorption rate is very low; second, to have the help of fat, cooking when appropriate to increase some peanut oil, olive oil and other vegetable oil, or with eggs and other fatty foods. "regular guests" at the table: scrambled eggs with tomatoes and egg soup with tomatoes are perfect matches. It's better to choose fresh, mature and red tomatoes, which contains more lycopene. Tomatoes have fewer pesticide residues, so it is recommended not to peel They, so as To retain more dietary fiber. A kind of

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Green tea is rich in polyphenol antioxidants. Catechol, good for heart health, can reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke. Purdue University research found that adding some citrus foods rich in vitamin C to green tea can Improve the absorption efficiency of catechol and increase the health efficacy of Catechol by four times. Experiments show that lemon is the best citrus food, followed by orange, orange and grapefruit., we recommend that you add one or two slices of lemon when drinking Green tea. Tea should be light, lemon should not be put more, so as not to taste too acidic; lemon should be fresh, preferably cut into thin slices, with skin into the cup. Because lemon skin is not only easy to foam fragrance , but also conducive to people ingesting slightly bitter.