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Restore the four functions and leave the patient forever

Restoring four major functions, leaving the patient forever. Dr. Tang Zhicong, Clinical Oncology, Queen Elizabeth Hospital
Patients with cancer, as long as the spleen, liver, large intestine, and kidney recover, can leave cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure forever. Cancer is not a single one, consider the whole.
If the cancer is just a tumor, it is easy to do, so in the past we made a big mistake in medicine, that is, we only saw the tumor, and then I thought, how can I kill it, so I cut it off by surgery. Detoxify it with chemotherapy, use radiation to shine it, burn it, kill it in any way, anyway, then the more heavier the drug, the more it kills it, the cancer cell is dead, and the person is dead. .
The spleen must be restored first. Every day, three meals of whole grains must account for 50% of the total diet. It is necessary to develop this habit. The miscellaneous grains are red beans, soybeans, mung beans, and coix seed. These are all kinds of grains, and the lotus seeds are also very good. With this concept, the spleen is good, the spleen is hematopoietic, and there are two important times in a day, that is, the time and the afternoon. So you must take a break when you rest.

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Most of the people today are not good at the liver. Why is it not good?

Sleeping late, eating fried things, bad temper, these three are the three major nemesis of the liver. The oil-filled liver, the oil you eat, the oil wraps the whole liver, and the function of the liver is completely lost, so we don't want to eat too much oil. When our body feels uncomfortable, the disease is correcting people's faults, and using physical pain to discipline him. When there is pain, it means we have to change.

Every morning, it feels very difficult to go to the bathroom. What does this mean? Your body's cellulose intake is completely inadequate. Why is the proportion of colorectal cancer in the United States so high? There are so many people with colorectal cancer along the coast of mainland China. China's mainland study has found that there is no intestinal cancer at all, because every day the toilet is very smooth, sit down, Qianlong, Qianlong Qianlong! Every piece is like a banana, so beautiful! And arranged neatly.

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If you have difficulty getting into the bathroom, what does this mean? The source of all diseases begins with the inability of your large intestine to drain properly.

If you have a good intestine, you should not wake up in the morning, but be awakened by the peristalsis of the large intestine. The peristalsis is calling you, why? Because 5 to 7 is the most active time of the large intestine, why do we tell cancer patients to sleep at 9 o'clock, because your large intestine will naturally squirm from 6 to 7 in the morning, asking you to get up and squat.

How many times do you have to go to the toilet a day?

Remember: If you go to the toilet for four or five days, call it severe constipation; two or three days on the toilet, this is called moderate constipation; the last time the toilet is called mild constipation. What is the healthiest and most normal? It is to take a few meals a day and go to the toilet several times. This is called health, and every time you sit down, it will be solved in two or three minutes. When the food enters the body for 12 hours and is not discharged, it will form toxins. Because the toxins are not expelled, our large intestine wall will absorb this toxin. After absorption, it will be sent back to the liver through the veins. It is terrible! The problem is caused by a liver loss. The liver is not directly related to the large intestine. As long as the large intestine is smooth, the liver is good, the immune system is also restored, and the blood sent to the heart is clean, so no disease is easy to suffer.

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When a person feels that it is easy to get tired and tired every day, it means that your liver function has already had problems, and blood has no way to return to the liver! What is your health?

During the time of sleep, the spleen collects blood and sends it to the liver to detoxify. After detoxification, clean blood is sent to the heart, and the heart is sent to the whole body to get nutrition and get health.

It is unfortunate that many modern people have problems with the spleen, and the spleen itself does not collect blood. There is only one way to raise the spleen, the grain is the most spleen, but why is the modern body so bad, so many diseases? Because you don't eat whole grains, eat burgers, fried chicken, steak, French fries, and eat white rice, so you have to eat the food that God originally created, you must eat whole grains, raw grains, such as brown rice.