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What are the factors to consider when formulating a fitness diet plan

Fitness friends will need a detailed fitness diet plan, and today I will recommend one for you: Eating habits Eat less and eat more meals, the main food should be replaced by coarse grains, lunch and dinner should be less greasy food, eat more fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of water is also necessary, like fried foods, high-calorie snacks, not only bad for the body but also for people who lose fat There is still a reaction.

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What are the factors to consider when formulating a fitness diet plan? Less salt, less oil, good sleep Good sleep habits can make your fitness more effective. The recipes can also be adjusted according to your living habits. Less salt and less oil is the most basic. If the ingredients are noisy at noon and dinner, you can remove the surface by boiling. A layer of oil, so the intake of fat will be correspondingly reduced. Specific diet plan recommendation Get up in the morning and drink boiled water After breakfast, boiled egg omelet and fruit one For lunch, choose coarse grain pasta, rich in protein meat and fruits and vegetables, each about 150 grams.

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Afternoon meal, nuts and skim milk bananas are fine. For the dinner, use coarse grains or rice, and use high-quality protein meat as ingredients to match the vegetables. Adding a choice of milk or fruit oatmeal is a good choice. The general principle is to let the calorie intake be less than the calorie consumption. The specific amount can be determined according to the amount of exercise on the day. The protein can be selected from chicken breast beef and mutton. Most fruits and vegetables are low in calories, and fruits with high sugar content should be eaten as little as possible.

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What are the factors to consider when formulating a fitness diet plan? Several fitness meals recommended No fried chicken breasts Wrap the chicken breasts in starch, put the black pepper in the soy sauce, marinate for a few minutes with a little salt, cook in a pan, and mix with broccoli and vegetables. Lemon fried squid Clean the squid pieces, introduce a proper amount of salt and pepper for 15 minutes, simmer the pan and fry, and spread the lemon juice with black pepper. Boil the water into the tomato, add the appropriate soy sauce to the udon noodles, add the eggs to the water, add the cabbage, and season with salt.