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Dieting to lose weight causing stomach perforation

Dieting weight loss is a fast way to lose weight that many lazy people will take.

A 15-year-old girl from Jiangsu, China, began to lose weight in early March this year. Take less eating, do not eat dinner but to drink slimming tea at night. Two months later, her upper abdomen suddenly severe pain, accompanied by nausea and vomiting. After being sent to emergency treatment, the result is due to excessive dieting caused by gastric perforation!

To lose weight still depends on exercise and healthy eating. Simply dieting and losing weight will seriously damage your health. What is worse, it is also easy to rebound. So please do not diet any more to lose weight. In the process of weight loss, proper diet control should be, but dieting is the wrong approach.

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What is the danger of dieting to lose weight?

1, menstrual disorders
Short-term dieting to reduce weight, the most direct performance for women is to disrupt the menstrual cycle, less menstrual flow or even no menstruation. These are all due to improper weight loss methods that can affect hormone metabolism, which can lead to menopause, or menstrual disorders.

2, reduce immunity
The body needs a certain amount of nutrition to operate. Simple over-consumption can only cause the lack of nutrients needed by the body, leading to a decline in immune function and affecting the health of the body. Over time, it will feel tired, weak and irritable, and increase the infection. The probability of epidemic diseases is also easy to catch a cold, back pain and so on.

3, easy to rebound
Because of the weight loss during dieting, water, excreta, and fat are reversible, relatively easy to re-create, and muscles are irreversible, muscle loss, and basically will not grow back easily. The muscle tissue is consumed, and the fat is not reduced. Although the weight is reduced, the metabolic capacity is also reduced. Once the normal diet is restored, the basal metabolism is lowered, the upper limit is lowered, and the food that is eaten is converted into fat, and then rebounds.

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4. The basal metabolic rate decreases
Due to the lack of nutrition in the long-term diet, the normal activities of bodily functions cannot be maintained, and the basal metabolic rate is lowered. As a result, instead of achieving the purpose of weight loss, the body is increasingly obedient.

5, affect memory

The driving force of the brain is mainly from fat. The fat can stimulate the brain and accelerate the brain's ability to process information. Excessive dieting can lead to insufficient body fat intake and storage, and the body lacks nutrition. As a result, brain cells are seriously damaged and memory is affected. influences.

6, reduce sexual desire
Insufficient carbohydrate intake in the human body, the body will convert food and body fat, protein into the body for use, its metabolite ketones are stored in the blood, the body's acid-base balance is destroyed, so long will make people Feeling irritated and depressed, and decreased libido.

7, hair loss, skin deterioration
Rapid weight loss mostly leads to insufficient intake of nutrients, resulting in abnormal metabolism in the body, which can cause hair loss, hair color, yellow hair, dry hair, etc., and the skin may also change due to insufficient nutrients or abnormal metabolism of hormones. Poor, rough, prone to acne and so on.

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8, osteoporosis
Some people are not eating anything on a diet, and some people are not at all. But, you know? Don't say that you don't eat anything, even if you only eat fruits and vegetables, because the average calcium content in vegetables and fruits is less, and more importantly, it is almost free of fat, which will lead to disorder of hormone secretion in the body. It affects the binding of calcium to bone and is prone to osteoporosis.