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Some details about cleaning stainless steel kitchen utensils

Today, stainless steel items are very common in people’s life. It is widely used in our lives. Kitchen utensils are the most common. Even the stainless steel pots we cook on weekdays are made of stainless steel, but it is easy to lose its original luster after permanent using.

We usually put the freshly fried dish on the plate, but when the dish is cold, the oil it carries will be combined with the plate, then it becomes very greasy. This is not easy to clean, so it is recommended to wash stainless steel cooking utensils by using warm water, because the warm water can melt the oil, the effect would be even better if add a little detergent to wash with.

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In addition to washing the kitchen with warm water, we can also use white vinegar for care. It is especially suitable for use in wok. After the wok is used for a long time, it will be easy to form a black substance at the bottom of the pot. It is difficult to clean with ordinary substances.

At this time, we can pour the white vinegar into the pot, then slowly boil the white vinegar with a small amount of flame, you can see that the substance in the pot is gradually dissolved, and the gloss of the bottom begins to appear, and the layer of material at the bottom of the pot is washed off. After that, it became easy to cook when cooking.

Stainless steel kitchen utensils can't be scrubbed with wire coils. Many homes buy one or two steel balls. When we stick the lid, we all like to use it for brushing, but it is not suitable for cleaning stainless steel kitchen utensils because it will wipe out the surface layer of stainless steel, which is a layer of oil that a lot of kitchen utensils will be plated with. Long-term scrubbing with a steel ball, it will only make it easier to wear off the surface.

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When I clean the stainless steel kitchen utensils twice, I can scrub it with lemonade, because it can remove the materials left on the surface of the stainless steel kitchen utensils, and make our kitchen utensils more shiny. To a certain extent, lemonade played a role of maintenance, stick to it, you will find that the kitchen utensils become very bright, you can see its light under the illumination of the light.

Used stainless steel kitchen utensils should be cleaned in time, because too much material is piled up to touch the surface of the material, even if it is soaked in water, but we can not use too strong acidic or alkaline substances to soak stainless steel kitchen utensils, it will let it It becomes very serious.

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Under the weather conditions, we should put the stainless steel kitchen utensils in the sun to dry, which helps to remove the bacteria inside them, and the stainless steel after drying will become more lustrous, which is why many restaurants are The reason why the kitchen utensils in some restaurant will be taken out of the sun to dry for a time.

And the dried stainless steel kitchenware will become more durable. Sometimes we will see a small hole in the stainless steel kitchen utensils, because we use too strong substances, and slowly let them fall off.

Stainless steel kitchen utensils has been an indispensable part of the kitchen industry. It makes our products richer. It is also durable. It is not as easy to break as ceramics and glass. Normal stainless steel products can be used for several years, so It has also been unanimously recommended by many people.