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At home, the most effective fitness methods

The summer is hot, it is too hot.

A lot of netizens leave to work on the subway, bus or car at the peak of the night.

There are already half a life left after arriving home.

I thought that I would have to organize my equipment and go to the gym two or three kilometers away in the same steamer.

Hey, the psychological knocked out the retreat.

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But I don’t want to fish for two days in the three days. I want to continue training at home and keep my muscles tight.

I want a two-day home, two days gym,

Ask me what is a good way to exercise at home.

Be efficient!

Ok, today I will share with you, these actions can be achieved at home.

And there is someone in the gym who will do it, and the results are good.

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push ups

This must be the first to say that the push-up exercise muscle group has the pectoralis major triceps, while also exercising the deltoid toe, anterior serratus and diaphragm and other parts of the body. Its main role is to improve the muscle strength of the upper limbs, chest, back and abdomen.

It can be said that it is a kind of exercise that can comprehensively exercise the strength of the upper limbs.

And through various angles and practices, it can stimulate various targeted parts very well.

The above-mentioned oblique push-ups, down-tilt push-ups, narrow-distance push-ups, wide-distance push-ups, and more difficult high-handed push-ups

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Arm flexion and extension

You must learn to practice your arms, even in a gym full of equipment, there are many people will practice.

This action can effectively stimulate the triceps, and can also indirectly practise the chest and deltoid muscles.

This action is divided into two practice methods:

One is the bending and extension of the parallel bars. This is the way that is often practiced in the gym. The requirements for strength are greater.

The other is the flexion and extension of the recoil arm, which can be practiced at home. Suitable for beginners.

In fact, the most important thing about fitness is persistence.

Important, you can stick to it,

Time will give you the answer,

Maybe you will hear a lot of ridiculous and disdainful words in the process of persistence, and you will encounter many difficulties like this.

Maybe you thought about giving up,

But have you ever thought that if you give up now, after 5 years and 10 years, your previous insistence will only become a laughing stock for people to chat after drinking.

They talked to their friends about this "joke"

If you insist, after 5 years and 10 years, they will talk to you after drinking, but it is a story telling the story of a growing person.

They show off with friends and know you.

Believe me, people are like this!

This is not a dream, it is just a return after your efforts.

This is not an illusion, but a reward after hard work.