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Some knowledge about coffee

  • Author:E-BON
  • Source:E-BON
  • Release on:2018-08-27
1. Cappuccino: usually 1 \ 3 espresso, 1 \ 3 steamed milk. 1 \ 3 frothed milk, preferably with cinnamon. But small coffeeshops in China rarely see cinnamon. Many have been replaced by chocolate powder.

2. Espresso: Italian espresso with milk foam, American concentrated water bubbles

3. Latte is also called milk special: 1 \ 4 espresso, 2 \ 4 milk, 1 \ 4 milk foam. Milk tastes very heavy and is layered like a rainbow cocktail. The taste is suitable for girls. And the point about the girl is better than the cappuccino. The main reason is that the cappuccino is too hot in the country. The 80-year-old grandmother knows that people will think that you are not creative, vulgar.

4 Blue Mountain: The sour, sweet and bitter flavors are basically melted. Pay special attention to 80% of the world's blue mountains are exported to Japan, so China is rare and rare. The general coffee shops are fake or mixed. There are few pure blue mountains

5. Mocha: 1/3 concentrated, 1/3 hot chocolate and 1/3 milk foam and sprinkle with chocolate milk powder. Mocha coffee beans have a softer sour taste, but it is too sweet to be washed by many coffee shops. original

6. Japanese coffee with charcoal: heavy baking will make people feel bitter, but the original taste of coffee is maximally maintained. The share of coffee beans has now also been specifically requested by the handsome owner of the coffee shop - is Colombia 2, Brazil 2, Mandheling 1.5, Java 4.5 or so

7. Irish coffee: Irish whiskey with sugar cubes, alcohol lamps that are roasted and poured into coffee and whipped cream. Also very famous, the girl who strives for taste and difference, will like it.

Mocha, cappucino, black (black coffee) These are the names.
In addition, there are Blue Mountain Coffee, Mandheling Coffee, Guatemalan coffee, Ice Latte Coffee, 63 Ice Drop Coffee, Japanese Charcoal Coffee, and so on. Many names depend on their taste and origin. There are also luxurious coffees based on new ideas.

In general, if you like bitter coffee, you can choose Mandheling, the king of bitterness. The taste of Blue Mountain Coffee is more extensive and the taste of sour, bitter, sweet and alcohol is relatively average. (Single product Blue Mountain - hand-ground coffee, it's OK) But it depends on the actual baking of the coffee. Some coffee shops are baked themselves and will be fresher.
Do you want to eat coffee, do you usually have tiramisu, cookies, mousse and other desserts, drink a cup of coffee, eat a bite, there is a kind of pleasure ... There are many types:

Charcoal coffee: it has a unique baking method and it tastes mellow and bitter. The mixed coffee is prepared in the following proportions: Colombia 2, Brazil 2, Mandheling 1.5, Java 4.5.

Dry charcoal coffee: the coffee beans are dried in the shade for 60-70 days, so that the sugar can penetrate the coffee beans into the coffee beans. After brewing it has a natural sweet taste.

Italian coffee ESPRESSO: is the most basic Italian coffee. The deep-boiled high-quality coffee beans are ground into powder and in a special coffee machine the steam pressure principle is used to purify the steam directly through the coffee powder. It is characterized by a rich aroma, a bitter taste and a layer of coffee oil on the surface. It is a highly concentrated coffee and must be tasted in a small cup.

Capuccino (CAPPUCCINO): addition of the right amount of warm milk and foamed fresh milk foam to ESPRESSO. First add about 1/3 cup of ESPRESSO to the cup, add 1/3 cup of warm milk and add 1/3 of foam. The milk foam floats on the mouth of the cup, such as wearing a hat on the cup, which is very pleasant to the eye. At the same time, the original coffee aroma is infused with the smell of cream. You can also add the right cinnamon or cocoa to your liking.French milk coffee: choose a strong coffee, inject espresso and fresh milk in a ratio of 1: 1 and make a cup of authentic French milk coffee.For breakfast coffee you can choose to add milk or no milk. Add 2/3 cups of hot milk to about 1/3 cup ESPRESSO and add a tablespoon of foamed milk foam if you wish. (Milk foam preparation method: Pour hot milk into the foaming bowl, cover the lid and pump the pump ball 20-30 times to form foamy milk foam.