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Fitness campaign promotes health

Fitness campaign promotes health

2019-03-18 14:53:47
The human body acts as an organic unity, and the cardiovascular, respiratory, vascular, endocrine, digestive, urinary and sensory organs coordinate and cooperate under the unified command of the nervous system to promote the corresponding skill adaptability of various organs of the human body. Changes and lateral coordination between the functions of various organs produce a good health promoting effect.

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(1) Fitness exercises improve the function of the cardiovascular system:

Regular participation in exercise may result in good adaptability to the shape, function and regulation of the human cardiovascular system.

1. Quiet heart rate reduction: Adults' heart rate is generally 75 beats/min. Through long-term fitness exercise, heart rate drops to <60 beats/min, which is a good physiological change.

2. Exercise-induced cardiac hypertrophy: exercise can cause hypertrophy of cardiomyocytes, thickening of the heart wall, functional enhancement of cardiac contractility, and increased stroke volume.

3. Cardiovascular regulation function improvement: Doing quantitative load exercise is rapid mobilization, low response and quick recovery. When doing maximum load exercise, the heart mobilizes quickly, the amplitude is large, and the recovery is fast.

(2) Fitness exercises improve respiratory function:

1. Fitness exercises promote the development of respiratory muscles: mainly manifested by large respiratory muscles, increased lung capacity, increased lung capacity, and a significant decrease in gas remaining in the alveoli after each exhalation.

2. Fitness exercise improves the gas exchange efficiency of alveoli: exercise is the depth and frequency of breathing, and the gas exchange pressure difference between the alveolar wall and the capillary blood around the alveoli increases, improving the gas exchange efficiency.

3. The mechanism of fitness exercise to make the breathing deeper: 1 exercise stimulates the proprioceptor, and the reflective makes the blood deepen faster. 2 Increased metabolites during exercise can stimulate central and peripheral chemoreceptors and induce further increases in respiration. 3 exercise leads to an increase in body temperature, and the body temperature regulation mechanism regulates body temperature by increasing gas exchange.

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(3) Fitness exercise to improve blood transport capacity:

During the bodybuilding exercise, the blood circulation of the whole body is accelerated; the long-term scientific system of exercise will improve the ability of blood to transport oxygen, carbon dioxide and nutrients, thus promoting human health.

1. Fitness exercises increase the number of red blood cells.

2. Fitness exercises enhance the concentration of hemoglobin.

(4) Fitness exercises to maintain the homeostasis of the immune system:

Physical fitness plays an important role in the cellular homeostasis of cellular immunity and humoral immunity. Moderate exercise intensity and load can improve immune function and reduce the risk of infection. High-intensity, long-term exercise training has an inhibitory effect on immune function. Therefore, the exercise intensity and load of exercise are the key to determining whether exercise promotes health.

(5) Fitness exercises to improve the function of sports organs:

1. The backbone becomes thicker, the bone density increases, and the trabecular bones are arranged closely and orderly, which enhances the fracture resistance of the bone.

2. The muscle cells are selectively hypertrophied, and the protein in the muscle is enhanced, which is manifested by an increase in muscle volume and an increase in muscle strength.

3. The connective tissue between the cells is thickened and the capillary density between the muscle cells is increased.

(6) Fitness exercises improve glucose and lipid metabolism and reduce the risk and severity of obesity-related diseases:

1. Fitness exercises reduce the risk of obesity and atherosclerosis.

2. Fitness exercise can reduce the risk of fatty liver and reduce the severity of fatty liver.

3. Fitness exercise can reduce the risk of diabetes and reduce the severity of diabetes.

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(7) Fitness exercises delay aging by regulating the function of the neuro-endocrine-immune system:

1. Fitness exercises delay aging (androgens and estrogens) by affecting sex hormone levels.

2. Fitness exercises delay aging by improving immune function.

(8) Fitness exercises promote digestive system function:

As the saying goes: "Walking after a meal, you can live ninety-nine." There is no shortage of science. Walking after a meal or doing some light activities can strengthen gastrointestinal motility, promote its mechanical digestion; enhance digestive juice secretion and digestive enzyme activity; also accelerate local blood circulation of the gastrointestinal tract, take away nutrients that have been absorbed, and avoid nutrients The accumulation of gastrointestinal digestion and absorption affects.

(9) Fitness exercises to improve mental state:

Fitness can improve people's emotional state, can directly bring happiness and joy, and reduce tension and anxiety; can enhance people's mental stress; fitness can also coordinate interpersonal relationships, expand social interaction, improve social adaptability .