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Don't take care of washing dishes

Washing dishes after meals is something that every family will do. Many people feel that they are in trouble and cut corners. However, the wrong cleaning method may bury hidden dangers for food hygiene. What are the common mistakes in cleaning methods?

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Wrong method 1: Soak the tableware to be washed in the pool for a long time
After eating, soak the tableware in the pool, and when you need to wash it, it is the normal state when many people wash the dishes. However, soaking the tableware in the pool for a long time will cause the food residue to ferment, and a large number of microorganisms will not only cause inconvenience to the dishwashing, but also pose a threat to health. Fan Zhihong, associate professor of food science and nutrition engineering at China Agricultural University, reminded that after cooking, it should be cleaned when there is still heat in the bottom of the pot. The oil is easily washed away; the tableware and other tableware can be washed with hot water for about 10 minutes, soaking. Time should not be too long.

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Some research institutes have done an experiment: put 1 gram to 5 grams of meat, fish, rice, and vegetables in a bowl filled with water and a dry bowl, and placed in a room temperature environment for 10 hours. The number of staphylococci and E. coli is 70,000 times that of the latter. Even if it is washed with a sponge and detergent, there will still be a certain amount of bacterial residue on the dishes. Therefore, it is not advisable to soak the dishes to be washed in the pool for a long time, which will accelerate the growth of bacteria.

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Wrong method 2: Apply the detergent directly to the tableware.
Some people think that the detergent is directly applied to the tableware to get a stronger oil stain. However, this will not only waste a lot of water resources, but also the detergent will cause water pollution. Once the washing is not clean, the human body will take the detergent. Symptoms of gastrointestinal discomfort such as diarrhea may occur.
Fan Zhihong suggested that a few drops of detergent should be dripped into half a bowl of water, then washed with a dish cloth dipped in diluted water, and the cleaned tableware should be placed in another sloping basket for drying.

Wrong method three: tableware picked up and washed together
Greasy greasy tableware will be washed together, which will only cause mutual pollution and increase the workload of brushing. The correct order of dishwashing should be: first classify the tableware, open the oil-free and oily tableware, first clean the dishes without oil, and the dishes with more oil should be washed last.
As a member of the family, we all have a responsibility to keep the tableware healthy and protect the health of the whole family.