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How to eat three meals a day is healthy

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Breakfast is the most important meal in three meals a day. It serves as a reminder of 30% of the energy of a day. Many people don't pay attention to breakfast. They feel that they can eat more at noon or eat more snacks during the day, but they can make up for it. Originally this was a very wrong concept. People also consume energy when they sleep. People's organs are always working, and breakfast is the primary source of energy for one morning. So I can't do it.

A healthy breakfast needs include four nutrients. The first is carbohydrates, which is the source of our energy. The main cost of our physical and mental work is it. Whole grains are a good source, such as buns, steamed buns, bread, porridge, etc. Of course, you can also eat whole wheat bread or whole grains, such as cereals, which include not only enough carbohydrates but also rich cellulose and Vitamin B family can prevent constipation and stabilize mood. The second is protein, which is made up of more than 70% of the human body. Eggs, milk, and soy milk are an outstanding source of protein, during which boiled eggs retain the best nutrients of the eggs. There are two things that can't be done. It's still a low-quality breakfast, which is the soy-bean-style breakfast in our usual sense.

The most important thing is to include a variety of vitamins, vegetables and fruit is a good choice, like lettuce, small tomatoes, etc., the way to make a sandwich. Fruit can pick flat fruits such as apples. The final demand is a small amount of meat to supply fat, can eat some ham sausage or beef jerky

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The breakfast should be as rich as possible, and the four nutrients should be properly allocated to make it possible. It is usually best to have breakfast after half an hour in the morning, and the best time is from 7 to 8 o'clock.

Lunch is full of food. You can choose to eat a bowl of rich noodles or take a little more vegetables, with a leeks, plus appropriate rice. Relatively speaking, the afternoon time is relatively long, so the food variety in the morning can be slightly reduced, and the amount can be increased. But it is best not to eat foods that are hypnotizable like corn and potatoes, and avoid the lack of energy during afternoon work or study.

Dinner should be as light as possible, Shaolin Temple monks have a saying that they can't eat at noon, and it can be said that dinner is the least important meal of the three meals. However, we still have to spend energy in the night, so we still have to eat a little. It is the best portrayal of dinner to be able to fry a few vegetables, porridge and small dishes. However, in real life, everyone usually eats the most in the dark, because it is very difficult to open the belly and eat it after a hard day. But this is not good, too much for dinner, too much burden on the stomach, and a suffocation for sleeping in the night. of. Others can replace rice with yam, purple potato, taro, etc., which is also a good choice.

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How to organize a three-day meal reasonably is not so difficult. Do you think that you have had many ideas of faults? Now, the corrections are still coming, and health starts from the little things around you.