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Hong Kong promotes reusable tableware for free use by large event organizers

Source: China News Network

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BEIJING, December 13th, according to the Hong Kong "Sing Tao Daily" website, in order to promote the "green plastic, do not discard the tableware" environmental culture, the Hong Kong Environmental Campaign Committee (circle) The Games and the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) have introduced reusable tableware borrowing services for large event organizers to borrow free of charge to encourage them to reduce the use of disposable tableware and work together to reduce waste and reduce carbon.

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A spokesman for the National Games said that Hong Kong hosts a variety of large-scale events each year, some of which provide food and beverages. The organizers often use disposable tableware and containers to make large amounts of waste for convenience.

To encourage waste reduction at the source, the Environmental and Nature Conservation Fund has been sponsored by the Environment and Conservation Fund to order 5,000 sets of reusable tableware for free use by large event organizers. Each set includes a bowl, a cup, a spoon and a fork. And a pair of chopsticks. In addition, the Environmental Council commissioned a tableware cleaning and disinfection service company to provide delivery, collection and cleaning services.

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Organizers interested in renting tableware can apply from the 17th. The organization can fill in the application form according to the type and quantity of the required tableware, and submit the application to the Secretariat of the Central Games by email, fax or post.