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4 kinds of healthy stomach foods if the stomach is not good you must eat food supplements

With the improvement of living standards, it is a very normal phenomenon for modern people to eat more at night. Nowadays, more and more friends have problems in their stomachs, which seriously affects everyone's health. Experts here remind everyone to pay attention to the maintenance of the stomach, to scientifically and rationally raise the stomach. What should everyone do? If you want to raise your stomach, your diet can't be sloppy. Today, I will introduce you to four kinds of stomach foods. I hope you don't miss it.

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1, yam
The efficacy of yam is not to be said that everyone is more familiar with it. In fact, yam can help us to raise stomach. Some people with spleen and stomach deficiency often have symptoms such as less abdominal distension, loose stools, and limb burnout. Regular yam porridge drink can effectively relieve stomach discomfort.

2, sweet potato
Sweet potatoes are often found in our lives during the winter, sweet potato is flat, sweet, spleen and qi. "The Compendium of the Compendium" records that it is "in the middle of the supplement, warm stomach, fat five dirty." Tianhan eat, Zhengqi nourish the stomach, food to collect, and can also clear the intestines to lose weight.

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3, cabbage
Regular consumption of cabbage can also help us to raise stomach. Cabbage has the functions of strengthening the spleen and nourishing the stomach, relieving pain and relieving pain, detoxifying and swelling, clearing away heat and water. It can be used for chest tightness caused by internal heat, thirst, sore throat, urinary dysfunction, and lack of eyes and ears. Cong, poor sleep, joint weakness and abdominal pain. Its vitamin C and other ingredients have an analgesic effect and promote ulcer healing. Cabbage and coix seed, tangerine peel and honey can be used to treat stomach cramps, upper abdominal fullness and stomach, duodenal ulcers, and red bean, melon, and rock sugar. Defecation and spleen and stomach weakness should not be eaten.

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4, spinach
Sweet and cool, can moisten dry liver, benefit the stomach, and constipation. "Therapeutic Materia Medica" refers to its "living five internal organs, through the stomach, hangover poison." Spinach can promote the secretion of the stomach and pancreas, increase appetite, help digestion; rich cellulose can also help intestinal peristalsis, and facilitate bowel movements. However, the high content of spinach oxalic acid, hindering the absorption of calcium, should avoid eating with high-calcium food such as tofu and seaweed, or licking before cooking to remove oxalic acid.