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Tea And Coffee For Life

Let's face it - most of us can't resist a cup of tea or coffee sometimes. They're a perfect pick-me-up and comforter. But there are alternative beverages
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Tea And Coffee For Life

Tea And Coffee For Life

E-BON 2022-06-15 17:57:02

Let's face it - most of us can't resist a cup of tea or coffee sometimes. They're a perfect pick-me-up and comforter. But there are alternative beverages, so why have we chosen these as our go-to drinks to soothe our hectic lives? And which one is superior?


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Let's start with tea- it's the second most consumed drink in the world. For manyespecially the British - having a 'cuppa' is a daily ritual. The caffeine contained in it helps wake you up in the morning, and throughout the day we'll make a brew to distract us from our work or to be sociable. And according to some scientists, habitual tea consumption can have some health benefits. Andrew Steptoe, a professor from University College London's Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, told BBC Food that drinking black tea "may speed up recovery from the daily stresses in life... but we do not know what ingredients of tea were responsible for these effects on stress recovery and relaxation".


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Coffee is tea's 'trendier' rival. Its popularity has grown over the years, and this is reflected in the number of coffee shops we see around - places to hang out, do business or catch up with friends. Coffee can taste great and can be served in many ways, but it's sometimes how you have it that can be seen as a status symbol or the preserve of hipsters! Of course, it gives you a strong caffeine hit - roughly double of that contained in tea. However, too much can lead to anxiety. Sleep scientist Matt Walker told the BBC that caffeine can decrease the amount of restorative deep sleep you have.


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But some scientists say drinking coffee - and green tea- can also be good for us. Researchers at Osaka University linked drinking a daily cup of coffee with a lower risk of death among both stroke survivors and healthy people, while drinking seven or more cups of green tea was associated with a lower risk of death among both heart attack and stroke survivors. So, whether we turn to coffee or tea for its taste, its image or as a lifestyle choice, it could be a lifesaver!