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Irregular life has a bad influence on health

Every day, the work schedule is irregular, and the meal is not regular. What effect does it have on the body? I know it after reading it!

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If it is just like this, the body will not have much reaction in the short term, but the impact must be there. If you are busy with a cycle, try to adjust to a regular state, but this situation can be adjusted for a period of time. Worried about putting too much pressure on yourself, because stress itself can affect health.

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Irregularity of work and rest is very simple, usually refers to staying up late at night, getting up late in the morning, staying up late will have more problems, staying up one month, there should be some symptoms in the body, such as irregular bowel movements or even constipation, more and more attention It is difficult to concentrate, or the attention duration is getting shorter and shorter. Recently, I always forget to forget things. I always feel tired and restless, and the mood is also a little big and easy to be irritated. These are the problems brought about by staying up late.

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For irregular diet, it is more prone to problems such as indigestion, belching and ulcers. However, if the diet is reasonable, you can avoid these problems as much as possible. For example, don't eat too late at night, but you will usually eat supper at night and night. If you eat as much as possible, you should eat the digested food, and don't eat too much. Take a stop or take a walk, promote gastrointestinal motility, reduce the burden on the stomach, and eat the best every seven or eight minutes. If these have not been done before, then start raising now~