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Healthy life: cleaning supplies can't be mixed casually

[How to buy and use stainless steel products? 】

For the purchase of stainless steel products, it is recommended to choose 304 steel. 304 steel (referring to stainless steel with a chromium content of 18% and a nickel content of 8%) is widely used in corrosion resistant containers, tableware, furniture, railings, medical equipment, etc. When purchasing stainless steel products, we must be optimistic about the type of labeling. There are often three codes “13-0” (420 steel), “18-0” (430 steel) and “18-8” (304 steel) on stainless steel cutlery. The number in front of the code indicates the chromium content, followed by the number. It represents the nickel content. Whether stainless steel vessels are safe is mainly a problem of heavy metal migration. In general, the 304 steel that is commonly found on the market today has less chromium migration.

In order to use stainless steel products healthily, the following points should be noted when using:

1. Meals with salt and acid content should not be used for long-term use of stainless steel products. Stainless steel has good stability and corrosion resistance, but it does not mean that it will not be corroded or rusted. If long-term storage of salt, vinegar, etc. in stainless steel products will cause the surface to rust or "taus eye", so no Households are advised to use stainless steel products to store such items.

2. Do not cook Chinese herbal medicine with stainless steel products. Chinese herbal medicines are complex in composition, and most of them contain a variety of biological and organic acids. When heated, it is easy to chemically react with certain components in stainless steel, which may reduce the efficacy and may even produce some more toxic substances.

3. It is not advisable to burn stainless steel products. Compared with iron and aluminum products, stainless steel products have lower thermal conductivity and slower heat conduction. The air burning will cause the chrome plating on the surface of the cookware to age and fall off.

Finally, what should you pay attention to when cleaning stainless steel products? Stainless steel products have a certain degree of corrosion resistance, but in any case, bacteria will be produced after a long stay, and disinfection will be carried out at intervals. When cleaning stainless steel products, avoid washing with strong alkali and strong oxidizing agents, such as alkaline water, soda and bleaching powder, because these strong electrolytes will “electro-chemical reaction” with certain components in the product, thus eroding the stainless steel products. Dissolve harmful elements.

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[Cleaning supplies can't be mixed casually]

The American Reader's Digest magazine recently reported that some common household cleaning products should not be mixed at will, otherwise it is prone to chemical reactions, endangering health, and even causing an explosion. These cleaning products specifically include the following six groups:

1. Ammonia-containing detergent (such as glass cleaner) + bleach (such as 84 disinfectant). Mixing these two cleaning products produces toxic chloramine vapors. Once inhaled, it can burn the respiratory tract.

2. Vinegar + bleach. Both vinegar and bleach are good disinfectants, but mixed use can produce toxic chlorine, which can seriously damage the lungs and burn your eyes.

3. Hydrogen peroxide + vinegar. Hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide) mixed with vinegar produces a highly corrosive peracetic acid that can irritate and damage the skin, eyes, throat, nose and lungs at higher concentrations.

4. Alcohol + bleach. The mixing of these two substances produces a toxic gas, chloroform. Exposure to low concentrations of chloroform can cause dizziness or nausea, and inhalation of high concentrations of chloroform can damage the nervous system, eyes, lungs, skin, liver, kidneys, and even death. The combination of the two also produces hydrochloric acid which is easy to burn the skin.

5. Bleach + acid toilet (such as toilet bowl spirit). When cleaning the toilet, using a bleaching agent with an acid-based toilet cleaner will release toxic gases, causing breathing problems and tears.

6. Mix different pipe dredging agents. The pipe dredging agent is a strong chemical agent used to dredge the sewer. Mixing different types of pipe dredging agents may release chlorine and even cause an explosion.

Before using a cleaning product, be sure to read the label carefully to prevent accidents. Do not mix when you are not sure if the two cleaning products can be mixed. Experts suggest that there are two groups of detergents that are safe and efficient. One group is "washing powder + vinegar". When washing clothes with washing powder, add a small cup of white vinegar to kill bacteria, make the clothes smell fresh, no hair, brighter; the other group is "washing powder + baking soda". It can reduce the amount of washing powder and make white clothes whiter and other colors more vivid.

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[carbonated drinks can extinguish fires]

At home, if you accidentally caused a fire from cardboard and wood, and there is no fire extinguisher at hand, what should you do? A bottle of carbonated beverage is always available, which can act as a fire extinguisher in times of crisis.

When in use, open the cap, block the mouth with your thumb, squat down the bottle, align it to the fire point, shake it diagonally, and use the pressure to spray the carbonated drink to extinguish the flame. After the fight, pour in the remaining drink. Why can carbonated drinks be extinguished? There are three reasons for this: First, the main component of carbonated beverages is water, which can save ordinary solid fires. Second, after a large amount of carbon dioxide contained in carbonated beverages is sprayed onto combustibles, it can avoid contact between combustibles and oxygen. The purpose of burning; third, after the large amount of sugar contained in it is sprayed onto the combustible material, it will form a very sticky gelatinous substance due to heat and evaporation in a short time, and will also cover the surface of the combustible material to achieve flame retardant. The purpose of fire fighting.

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However, it should be noted that in the initial stage of a general solid fire, carbonated beverages can be used to save emergency. But you can't exaggerate this effect, let alone replace the fire extinguisher with a drink. Although beer also contains carbon dioxide, it contains alcohol and is not recommended.