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Ingredients match your ingredients to help you get rid of sub-health

Food is the basic substance that people rely on to survive and nourish the body. In order to meet the body's nutritional needs, it is necessary to provide comprehensive nutrition through food matching. Because a healthy diet requires food to be diversified and balanced. The combination of food can be described as a variety of things, the use of appropriate, reasonable mix is ​​conducive to health, promote health, strengthen the body to prevent disease. So, how can we achieve food diversification without going into the misunderstanding of food? This chapter gives some examples of how to match, which will double the nutrition and provide a reference for your diet to create a healthy body.

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Celery is a high-fiber food that produces a substance called lignin, also called lignocellulose, which is anti-cancer and anti-cancer. Walnut is one of the world's four famous dried fruits. It is not only delicious, but also has high nutritional value. It is known as “longevity fruit”. Celery and walnuts can be used together to not only anti-aging, but also beauty and beauty.

The pork ribs are often made into ribs soup, and the thick and smooth soup is rich in calcium essential for human bones and muscle growth. The sea has the effect of eliminating phlegm and softening, and has a good effect on cough, high blood pressure and coronary heart disease. The kelp and ribs together can be used to relieve pain in patients with localized itching.

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Bitter melon has a high vitamin C content, which has the effects of preventing scurvy, preventing atherosclerosis, improving cellular immunity, and inhibiting the growth of malignant tumors. Eggplant has the functions of phlegm and blood circulation, clearing heat and swelling, preventing blood vessel rupture, and reducing blood pressure and reducing blood pressure. It is an ideal vegetable for cardiovascular patients.

Oranges are nutritious, and an orange can satisfy almost all the vitamin C needed for a day. Black fungus has a good anti-cancer effect, can clean the blood, has detoxification effect, regular consumption can effectively remove the body's pollutants, and the two can also promote the body to better absorb nutrients.

Asparagus is one of the world's top ten famous vegetables, rich in a variety of amino acids, protein and vitamins, the content is higher than the average fruit and vegetables. Oranges are rich in vitamin C and can enhance the body's resistance. They are called "therapeutic diseases." Asparagus and oranges can be used together to lubricate the intestines, promote gastrointestinal motility, and have a good anti-virus and cold-proof effect.

Cauliflower, with a fresh taste and rich nutrition, contains protein, sugar, fat, vitamins and carotene. The nutrient content ranks first among similar vegetables and was awarded the "vegetable crown". In addition, tomatoes are also rich in vitamins and dietary fiber, and can be used with cauliflower to eat stomach and digestion, and promote the elimination of waste in blood vessels and blood.

The fungus tastes delicious, and modern nutritionists call it “the scorpion of the prime”, in which the iron content is extremely rich, so the fungus can often eat blood and nourish the skin, and can prevent iron deficiency anemia. Scrambled eggs are a popular home-cooked dish. The fungus and eggs contain calcium and saucer. They can be used together to strengthen teeth and bones and help restore fractures.

Spinach contains a lot of minerals, folic acid and B vitamins, and the iron content can directly compete with animal liver. Yuba has a strong bean flavor and is widely known as the “Suizhongzhi”. Spinach can effectively prevent anemia in the elderly, while yuba contains a lot of phospholipids, which have the effect of protecting blood vessels. The two foods are very beneficial to the elderly.

Apples are rich in vitamins, minerals and organic acids, as well as surprisingly dietary fiber. Although the onion has a strong spicy aroma, it can be used for divergent cold, sterilization, and digestion. Apples and onions have the effect of protecting the heart. Regular consumption can effectively reduce the incidence of heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure.

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The content of protein, fat, dietary fiber and potassium, phosphorus and other nutrients in lotus seeds are more than pumpkins, and the lotus seeds have the effect of nourishing the body, nourishing yin and phlegm, strengthening the spleen and stomach, benefiting the vitality and removing all diseases. Therefore, the combination of pumpkin and lotus seeds is very suitable for patients with diabetes, coronary heart disease, hypertension, hyperlipemia, asthma and so on.

Cucumber fruit is crisp and refreshing. It has been used as a therapeutic food for improving summer appetite since ancient times. It is widely used as a "heat-reducing vegetable". Garlic contains allicin, which has the functions of detoxification, insecticidal, swelling and antispasmodic. Cucumber and garlic can inhibit the conversion of sugar into fat and lower cholesterol. It is very suitable for people who are afraid of fat and weight loss.

The main ingredient of the potato is starch, which is also rich in dietary fiber, vitamins, etc., which can promote the digestion of the spleen and stomach. Beef has a high protein content and can improve the body's disease resistance. However, the fiber in the beef is thick, sometimes affecting the gastric mucosa. The beef and the potato are cooked together. Not only is the taste good, but the folic acid in the potato can effectively protect the gastric mucosa.

Rapeseed contains a large amount of crude fiber, which prevents the formation of blood cholesterol and helps the body absorb its nutrients. Mushrooms are characterized by low fat, high protein, multivitamins, various amino acids and polysaccharides. Mushrooms have the effect of lowering blood fat. Rape can promote the formation of enzymes and have a repellency effect on carcinogens. Both of them can effectively prevent cancer.

Pineapple fruit is beautiful in appearance, sweet and juicy, has a special aroma, and is extremely rich in nutrients. Put pineapple, plum and honey together to eat juice, which has a nourishing effect on beauty, eliminating fatigue and tension. In addition, many people like to drink with pineapple juice, plus a little rock sugar, not only delicious, but also thirst, hangover appetizer.