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What is wine culture?

What is wine culture? Please don't misunderstand the wine culture and pursue the so-called "drink table culture".

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I want to talk about wine and wine culture.

First, wine culture is not equal to wine table culture; wine culture is not equal to wine table culture!

Second, you should have social etiquette, but please understand what is wine culture and what is cultural etiquette!

Third, to persuade people to drink alcohol, or even force others to drink, to drink is to give face, drink more than the idea of ​​having face is wrong, please recognize this and bravely refuse those who force you to drink, okay? This is not awkward, this is self-love.

wine culture:
Wine culture refers to the general term of material culture and spiritual culture produced during the production, sale and consumption of wine. The wine culture includes the wine culture, such as the method of production, the method, the function, and the history of the wine. Both the physical characteristics of the wine itself and the spiritual connotation formed by the wine tasting are the specific cultural forms formed during the process of making wine and drinking. The wine culture has a long history in China. Many scholars have written reviews of wines and wines, leaving wine, poetry, painting, health, banquets, and singers. As a special cultural carrier, wine has a unique position in human communication.

Wine, as a product that has emerged since ancient China, gradually evolved its own unique culture. Wine, wine and so on. Specific information can be found. Wine culture is not a so-called social table culture!

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Wine table culture
To be honest, I don't know if I can call it a wine table culture. I think it's better to be more ceremonial than to call it culture. Because what I have heard and what I see is the rules of drinking at the wine table. To be toasted by the younger generation, to respect the old man and so on. Wine table etiquette, why not directly say dining etiquette or eating etiquette? Learning social etiquette is to improve our education, respect others, respect ourselves. Whether it is on the wine table or on the table, it should be there. Etiquette is a manifestation of one's education.

Persuasion, high alcohol, face, no face?
Persuading people to drink alcohol, or even forcing others to drink, drinking is to give face, drink more than face - I think this is a deformed wine table culture. In normal life, I always listen to other people educating children, especially if they are about to step into the society. It is best to drink some wine, talk about things on the wine table, or drink is one of your communicative skills. And so on. This is wrong.

Remember, when you can't drink, don't drink, don't drink, choose politely refuse, don't hold on. This is for your life and health.

Why choose hard support? Why do you feel that you will lose face when you don't drink? Are you working poorly? Can you improve your strength by drinking? Nothing, what else can you do?

Also, please don't underestimate those who don't drink or drink. Don't persuade people who have refused to drink to drink, let alone force others to drink!

Doesn't he drink alcohol and affect his work? Does it affect him to talk to you normally? Will not drink, is it the performance of incompetence? Can someone who drinks alcohol work for you? Because people who refuse to drink and don’t give jobs to others and don’t communicate with others are really short-sighted.

Those who persuade others to drink, do you think that is to give you face? No, the heart may not respect you at all. Face, not by drinking. It depends on ability, and it depends on your true talents. Drinking is not a skill. Drinking alcohol may indicate that you have more acetaldehyde dehydrogenase secretion in your body. In a circle with greater ability than relationship, you don't need your amount of alcohol, but your etiquette, your literacy, your emotional intelligence. A literate person does not easily disrespect a person who respects others.

Popular Science: The alcohol dehydrogenase in the liver is responsible for the oxidation of ethanol (the component of wine) to acetaldehyde, and the resulting acetaldehyde is further converted into harmless acetic acid (ie, the component of vinegar) under the catalysis of acetaldehyde dehydrogenase. . Acetaldehyde is more toxic than ethanol and is one of the main causes of hangovers. People who lack this enzyme in their bodies are blushing when drinking. This group of people should not drink alcohol!

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Correctly look at drinking and socializing, and don't hurt yourself or hurt others' health because of the wrong ideas. In addition, drinking and hurting the body. Pay attention to moderation and moderation. Responsible for your own health.

I hope that everyone can recognize this malformed wine table culture and bravely change this unreasonable "drink table etiquette"!

Boldly said: I don't drink!