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Cleaning and maintenance of the bar - purchase knowledge of the bar

Cleaning and maintenance of the bar - purchase knowledge of the bar

2019-04-11 14:47:06
Bar counter

Originally referred to as bars, Internet cafes and other playgrounds with cashier services, it now extends to some space in the home. Through design, you can create an area with functions such as wine tasting, dining, simple office work, and temporary writing work, especially in the kitchen and living room. The bar design is more and more styled and features more and more.

What is "bar"? It can be understood as a place where people can drink and chat, and "bar" is the core area where services are provided. Later, the bar was used to draw on the living space, which became the best choice for the promotion of leisure and enjoyment.

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Bar's Looks

1. The bar has three basic forms in terms of its style. The most common one is the straight bar that is closed at both ends. This bar can be used indoors or in the end of a room.

2. The length of the straight bar is not fixed. It is generally believed that the longest bar that can be effectively controlled by a service person is 3 meters. If the bar is too long, the service staff will increase.

3. Another form of bar is a horseshoe, or a U-shaped bar. The bar is extended into the room. Generally, three or more operating points are arranged. The two ends are against the wall. In the middle of the u-shaped bar, an island-shaped storage room can be set up for storing supplies and a refrigerator. The third major bar type is a ring bar or a hollow square bar. In the middle of this bar, there is a "Nakajima" for display of alcohol and storage items. The advantage of this bar is that it can fully display the 'alcohol, and can also provide guests with a larger space, but it makes the service more difficult. If there is only one service person, he must look after the four areas, which will result in the service area not being in effective control.

Bar shop purchase knowledge

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1, material selection: bar general materials are marble, solid wood, porcelain, etc., generally marble is more durable, cost-effective, solid wood bar is more grade, the general villa is available, the porcelain is more popular, the price is more affordable.

2. The stool and the lower end of the bar should be provided with support rods such as steel pipes, stainless steel pipes or step stools.

3, bar stool surface and bar countertop should be kept at a drop of about 0.25M. When the counter top is higher, the corresponding bar stool is also higher.

4, the higher bar stool should choose the form with a backrest, it will feel more comfortable to sit up.

Bar maintenance

1. The wooden surface of the bar should be kept away from beverages, chemicals or overheated objects to avoid damaging the natural color of the wooden surface.

2. When there is more dirt, use a diluted neutral detergent with warm water to wipe it once, then wipe it with water. Remember to wipe off the residual water stain with a soft dry cloth. After completely wiping, use the maintenance wax. Polished.

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Bar cleaning

The bar is generally made of marble and hardwood. If you fall asleep on the countertop or stain, it will form an indurated patch of stains if not treated in time. Therefore, it must be wiped dry with a rag immediately. If it has been formed into a hard block, first wipe it with a damp towel, then spray it with a detergent and then wipe it on the surface until the stain completely disappears. After cleaning, spray the maintenance agent on the surface of the bar.