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Songkran Festival in Thailand, the daily life of Chiang Mai citizens

To the small town of Chiang Mai, the first thing I feel is the tranquility here. Walking on the slope of the ancient city, there is a fresh air mixed with literary atmosphere.

Here, the life on weekdays is relaxed and leisurely, and the pace will always slow down inadvertently, attracting the scenery around you; but once you arrive at the festival, there is another scene here, and the city is full of joy and noise.

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However, the embarrassment of such a festival and the tranquility of the day are not contradictory. Instead, they feel very relaxed and comfortable.

Song Gan Festival, the enthusiasm sent to Chiang Mai If you come to Chiang Mai in April, you will have the opportunity to see another way of the city in the festival. The Thai Songkran Festival in April is just like the Chinese New Year and the Brazilian Carnival. It has long been a world-famous celebration of joy. The Songkran Festival is called “song-glan”, so it is also known as the “Song Dry Festival”. The annual Songkran Festival in Thailand is 3 days from April 13 to 15.

The first day of the festival was called "Maha Song Dry Day", marking the end of the past year. The next day was called "Watching", and the last day of the festival, called April 15th, was called "Wang Tai Long Song", marking the coming of the new year. The main activities of the festival include good fortune, bathing, body blessing, worshipping elders, releasing and singing and dancing games. The most festive atmosphere in Thailand is Chiang Mai, because many traditional rituals in Thailand have been preserved in Chiang Mai, and because the hustle and bustle of the waters in Chiang Mai’s ancient moat are incomparable in Bangkok, so Thailand must have chosen Chiang Mai for the Songkran Festival. And, this year's Songkran Festival in Thailand, the time of Chiang Mai Station is adjusted to April 1st - 16th, and will be a full 16 days of carnival.

Usually, the Songkran Festival in Chiang Mai begins with the “Bath Buddha Ceremony”. Everyone invites the Buddha statue out of the temple, and then the devotional monk pours the first bowl of water for the Buddha statue, announcing the official start of the Songkran Festival. At the same time, the "Song Song Festival" beauty pageant has also begun. There will be a long parade in the busiest streets of Chiang Mai, which has been traversing the entire city of Chiang Mai. The luxury car with open road, the decoration of a new elephant, the flowery floats, and the beautiful high-end sitting on the float attract the attention of everyone. Although the northern Thais are famous for their religious beliefs and gentle personality, at the Songkran Festival, it seems to be another Phuket. During the parade and bathing Buddha festival, the local “Lanna woman” rode Kang Chong (a kind of northern means of transport) to participate in the parade, and received baptism and salute to the elders by splashing the scented water, in addition to the festival period. There are also activities such as setting up Shata, local art and cultural exhibitions, and the “Lanna Men and Women” beauty contest. You will see the splashing of Chiang Mai and enjoy a variety of international cuisine at Urban Culture Street.

If foreign tourists come to Chiang Mai during the Songkran Festival, they can not only feel the special atmosphere of traditional Thai festivals, but also enjoy the fun of Songkran Festival. At that time, men, women and children, no age, skin color, gender restrictions, are holding a variety of water guns, see people to open a "gun", more people use a spoon to smash the water to splash ... ... splashes, laughter, laughter, elated Young men and women sing and dance. Many small trucks are full of people, and they also carry large water tanks filled with water. The people sitting in the car are not lonely when they travel, and they stage a scene of "water warfare" with the vehicles they meet. The streets of the entire city are crowded by carnival crowds and become a sea of ​​joy.

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The daily beauty of Chiang Mai is to use slow feelings. In the slow day of Chiang Mai, you may choose to spend this time: go to the mountain of Ssangyong Temple in the morning to see the monks give alms; then the platform of the Ssangyong Temple on the mountain Shangyuan is still in the cloud town of Chiang Mai; afterwards, go to the market in Baan Tawai to watch wood carvings, or go to San Kamphaeng to see the colorful oil umbrellas, breathe the air of the rich Lanna culture; in the afternoon, go to the ancient city to see the big and small temples. Taste all kinds of Thai cuisine; at night, come to the night market to visit the tourists coming and going, eat a variety of Thai snacks... As the favorite city of Teresa Teng’s life after the song, it is known as the “Northern Rose” Chiang Mai. Filled with a variety of joyful stories, every visitor who comes here will "get a lot more."

Chiang Mai, held by the hills at the end of the Himalayas, was once geographically isolated. This unique geographical location and historical factors have left many of Chiang Mai's traditional culture, architecture, costumes, food, folk crafts and so on, and still maintain a very different style from the south-central part of Thailand. In the fast-growing Thailand, Chiang Mai is like a unique rose, still retaining its quaint charm. Strolling through the ancient city, there are magnificent temples and Lanna-style buildings, tree-shaded trails, corner stone statues, temple inscriptions and stone carvings... The impression of Lanna culture is everywhere.

The best place to see Lanna-style architecture may be to choose Dhara Dhevi, the most representative hotel in Chiang Mai. The name of the hotel is Sanskrit "Star Goddess", which symbolizes the beauty of classical mystery. The hotel building is the reappearance of the most brilliant Lanna ancient dynasty in the 13th and 16th centuries.

Architect Rachen Intawong, when designing the hotel, integrated the elements of the Royal Palace, the village, the city walls, the rice fields and the bazaars of the Northern Lanna Dynasty into the design. The main building of the spires looks like a Buddhist temple. This is a very luxurious hotel, it is better to call it the experience museum of the ancient dynasty culture.

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Dhara Dhevi's restaurant, Le Grand Lanna, has also been visited by Princess Diana, and there are still reserved rooms at the entrance to the restaurant, but only open to vvip. This mango glutinous rice is my favorite way to eat in Chiang Mai, and this restaurant is actually opened earlier than the hotel, Lanna-style architecture, traditional taste of Thai cuisine, of which the traditional Thai platter, There are vegetables, sausages, roast pork, fried pork skin and two chili sauces, all of which are local flavors, as well as fried pomegranate with prawn, unexpectedly delicious, red curry soft shell crab, although the curry taste is heavy, but crab lovers I like it very much.

In a slow city like Chiang Mai, the rhythm of travel is often interrupted by cafes in the city. The fragrant coffee and various desserts between the temples make it easy to forget that you are traveling in the city. Compared with the grand hustle and bustle of Bangkok, it is as calm as a river, not a wave, in which you only want to pick a café with a river view, and quietly stay with it for a long time.