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The energy of a bottle of beer is equal to a steamed buns?

Beer is also called ale, which belongs to exotic wines. The name of beer is “beer” translated into Chinese according to English Beer, so it is called “beer”. Beer is one of the long-established and widely-available alcoholic beverages. Its sales rank third after the water and tea.

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The raw materials for making beer include barley, water, hops, yeast and some auxiliary materials including corn, rice, wheat and sugar, including malt production, beer brewing and filling.

The ingredients of beer are mainly water, so drinking beer can add moisture to our body; of course, if there is more water, it must be discharged. This is why there is more urination when drinking beer.

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Beer contains some vitamins B1, B2 and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and magnesium, as well as very small amounts of protein. Therefore, some people refer to beer as liquid bread, which is actually a bit exaggerated. Although beer contains a certain amount of nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, its nutrition is not comprehensive, so beer can not be used as a source of nutrients.

The key problem is that 100 grams of beer contains 32 kilocalories of energy, and a bottle of 750 milliliters of beer consumes 240 kilocalories, which is equivalent to eating the energy of a steamed bun. Drinking a lot of beer often, the weight will increase unconsciously, and the waist will become thicker and become a beer belly.

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People who love to drink need to pay attention. Beer is also a wine. Although it is a low-alcoholic beverage, drinking too much will also increase the intake of alcohol. Excessive weight will cause damage to health. If you have gastritis, stomach ulcers, liver disease and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, you should stay away from beer. If you are a drinker, you should also pay attention to drinking in moderation. Don't drink it with hard alcohol. It is easy to overdose.