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Don't you have breakfast? Look at these seven hidden dangers, be careful!

The rhythm of modern people, most people have no concept of breakfast, or they sleep very late, when they get up, they are close to noon, but fortunately they don’t eat it; or they feel that breakfast is not important, they are free to deal with, or they don’t eat directly. ! This is a misunderstanding of thinking. In fact, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, not only to eat but also to eat well (nutrition balance). If you still feel that you are not eating breakfast, you can look at the hidden dangers!

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First, gallstones
When the person wakes up in the morning, the stomach begins to wriggle. This is a habitual reflex of the stomach. If there is a food stomach, it will work harder to squirm and work hard to break down the food. There is no stomach in the food as usual. In the stomach without food, only stomach acid The gastric acid stimulates the stomach wall not only to damage the gastric mucosa, but also causes the cholesterol in the bile to precipitate and accumulate. After a long time, it is easy to suffer from gallstones.

Second, the thrombus
Some American cardiovascular experts have warned everyone that people who do not eat breakfast have no nutritional supplements. People's blood will form a type B thromboglobulin, which will cause blood to clot and increase the incidence of myocardial infarction. Platelets are also easy to agglutinate. It is easy to form a blood clot!

Third, low blood sugar
The consumption of human nutrition in one night, all kinds of supplementary energy and nutrition are at the lowest state, and the blood sugar concentration is also very low. If you do not eat breakfast, you can not increase the concentration of blood sugar in time, and it is prone to dizziness and weakness throughout the morning. In the case of lack of energy, severe hypoglycemia can occur. So pay more attention to the details, low blood sugar is not terrible to listen to, when it is serious, shock will happen!

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Fourth, constipation
Because the three meals of the human body have been developed, people will habitually develop a stomach-colon reaction at a fixed time, and it is straightforward to promote digestion and defecation. If there is a long-term stomach-colon reaction, but there is no supplemental food, in the long-term state, it will lead to this habitual reaction disorder, which will induce constipation!
Five, obesity

Five, lose weight
This is an event that is most likely to cause misunderstandings by dieters, thinking that you can lose weight without eating! In fact, in the state of lack of nutrition, the human body first consumes protein and carbohydrates, and fat is finally consumed. So don't use breakfast without breakfast, because a morning time doesn't necessarily make you consume fat at this stage! Instead of eating breakfast, it will lead to more hungry at noon, eat more, and noon absorption is different from morning, and decomposition is not as good as morning, which makes it easier to accumulate into fat! So not eating breakfast is easy to get fat.

Sixth, intelligence
This effect is more powerless! However, it is also worthy of reference. If you do not eat breakfast, it will easily cause imbalance of nutrition and energy, which will result in the brain not being able to develop normally. The long-term mental development will be properly affected!

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Seven, aging
People who do not eat breakfast, due to nutritional imbalance, are generally dry skin, wrinkles, severe anemia, long-term lack of energy supply, resulting in frequent consumption of protein and sugar stored in the body Originally, this will accelerate the signs of aging in the skin!