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A small trick to improve your baby's appetite

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In addition to the child's mental state, the appetite of the children is a "barometer" of physical health. As long as the children's appetite becomes smaller and the meal is not active, the parents will be very worried and worried that the children will be physically hugged. In fact, in addition to the loss of appetite for children riddled with disease, improper feeding, indigestion, excessive snacks, lack of exercise and other reasons will make children have no desire to eat. Putting aside the factors of illness and trying to improve your appetite, you can try the following methods! Mom doesn't love to eat? Don't worry about your mother, the little trick to improve your baby's appetite is here.

First, more exercise, help digestion
It is easy for many children to eat, and a meal is too full, and with insufficient exercise to consume the energy, the children have no room to eat. Exercise can consume the calories of eating while speeding up metabolism, causing a new round of eating desire for children, which can be said to be the best of both worlds. Proper exercise allows the child's body to balance energy and maintain a constant desire to eat.

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Second, do not force children to eat
There is a kind of hunger called "Mother and Dad thinks you are hungry." Parents are always wishful thinking to judge whether their children are hungry or not, but even if the children are small, the body can reflect the need for the amount of food. If you feel satisfied, you will no longer want to eat. . If the parents force the child to eat more, it will break the normal physical needs of the child. After a long time, it will cause the child to feel anorexia. Parents should return the right to eat to the child's own hands. The pace of eating and eating is controlled by the child.

Third, help children develop good eating habits
A healthy body is inseparable from healthy eating habits. The first thing to do is to ensure that the child presses and eats, so that the child's body forms a corresponding conditioning, and it is normal to eat at the point. Second, create an atmosphere of eating. Family members are sitting together, away from the TV, and concentrate on eating. Children have their own tableware to eat for themselves, parents do not chase and do not force. In addition, to overcome the child's habit of picky eaters and partial eclipse, parents should set an example first. Snacks are a direct destroyer of good eating habits. Many children eat snacks for a meal and take up limited stomach capacity. Parents need to strictly control the amount of snacks for children. It is best not to let children eat heavy oil, heavy salt or high sugar.

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Fourth, the choice of ingredients and cooking methods
Children will also like new and old, so they want to keep their enthusiasm for eating, parents will have to worry too much. The first thing to adjust is the choice of ingredients, a variety of foods, can give children more choices, there are always a few children's wishes. If the pattern is available, it is time to make a fuss about the cooking method. Fry, roast, steam, boil, etc.

In addition, parents can work hard on food styling, decorate with brightly colored ingredients, and make a cute and novel shape for food, which will surely stimulate children's desire to eat.