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What is the calories of coffee? Various coffee calories list

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  • Release on :2018-10-29
If you want to maintain weight or lose weight, then you must know the following coffee calorie table, a cup of 200ml is standard.

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American coffee = about 20 calories

Black coffee with nothing added, the heat is quite low, diluted with water to become a common American coffee, a cup of heat is only about 20 calories, can be said to be a more natural, lower card coffee items.

It is hard to imagine why some people are willing to drink black coffee that is bitter and awkward. Later, it was discovered that it was a big misunderstanding. The coffee brewed by drip filtration is rich in flavor and charming in flavor. Adding sugar is a waste of tea. Good coffee, but also a lot of heat. People who are afraid of suffering can start with no sugar, instead of "low-fat fresh milk" to replace the no-nutrition creamer. The milk itself is slightly sweet, which can make the taste more docile.

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Mocha pot coffee = about 117 calories

The usual brewing of Italian coffee is made from the Mocha pot invented in Italy. This coffee pot also uses the principle of steam pressure to extract coffee. It can make the pressurized steam pass directly through the coffee powder and let the steam pass through the coffee instantly. Powder, the inner essence of the coffee is extracted, so the brewed coffee has a strong aroma and a strong bitterness. The surface of the coffee and a layer of coffee oil on the surface of the book, this layer of oil is the attractive flavor of Italian coffee. source.

Single product black coffee = about 5 calories

A cup of 100 grams of black coffee has only 2.55 kilocalories. Hot coffee is more effective: hot coffee can help you burn your body faster. Lightly roasted coffee is more effective.

Latte coffee = about 225 cards (a piece of pizza)

More than half of the latte is milk, so the calories are higher than the American coffee, and the average calorie is 225 calories. If you add syrup to taste, make a hazelnut latte, caramel latte, etc., the heat will approach 300 calories.

When you want to drink latte, it is recommended to choose "sugar-free + low-fat milk", which will effectively reduce unnecessary calories!

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Mocha = about 365 cards (130 cookies)

Mocha coffee with a lot of fresh cream and chocolate, it looks gorgeous, but it is a terrible fat trap, with an average cup of calories up to 365 calories.

If you ignore the existence of the thick layer of whipped cream above, it is equivalent to drinking more than 100 calories, and almost all of them are "fat." For the sake of size, this kind of coffee with a lot of high-calorie substances, it is better to drink it!

Canned coffee = 200-300 calories

Most of the canned coffee on the market is prepared first. It has added a lot of sugar and creamer. The heat is not too low, and the cup is close to 200-300 calories. And in order to reduce costs, most of them are made of poor quality coffee beans. If you look closely at the ingredient list, you will find that it contains a variety of artificial additives such as emulsifiers and flavors. A cup of natural good coffee doesn't need these all kinds of things at all.

Coffee Frappuccino

Grande Cup: 240 calories of whole milk, 220 calories of skim milk, 230 calories of soy milk

Espresso Frappuccino

Grande Cup: 230 calories of whole milk, 210 calories of skim milk, 230 calories of soy milk

Nestle - three in one coffee carry bag - fragrant original Nestle 1 (package) = 70 calories

Maxwell three-in-one coffee carry bag - original Maxwell 1 (g) calories 67.2 card

Espresso (single cup) has a calorie of 17 calories and a lower calorie content in similar foods.

The caffeine in coffee is absorbed by the body and acts in the body to secrete adrenaline, which promotes the decomposition of fat cells in the blood and is then excreted as a fatty acid.

However, it should be noted that if the intake of caffeine is excessive, it will cause insomnia, excitement, and rapid heartbeat. Therefore, even if coffee can lose weight, pay attention to proper drinking. Coffee overdose is great for the body. harm.