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Secret | Why are Americans poor people are fatter?

The reasons why Americans are poorer and fatter in diet can be divided into two aspects. First, low-income Americans are not conscious of a healthy diet. Second, low-income Americans now have a desire to have a healthy diet, but there is no way to go. Have a healthy diet.

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The Dollar Menu in Food, Inc., a documentary that reflects food safety in the United States in 2009, illustrates some of the issues.

It is true that some American fat people are eating too much because of differences in eating habits. However, some of the friends know that they are all American habits, giving a "fast food culture", "indulging in high-calorie food" and so on, are somewhat one-sided.

Nowadays, the problem of obesity in Americans, especially childhood obesity, is increasingly being highlighted.
Government propaganda (such as Mrs. Obama as a healthy eating ambassador) has already made the American people improve their diet. However, the highly industrialized food production chain in the United States produces a large number of high-calorie foods that use commercial grain as the main raw material (this is not the same as in Europe), making the low-income group in the United States still have few options for food selection, French fries and Hamburg has become the main food of these people for a lifetime.

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The poor can afford to eat sugar but can't afford (quality) meat.

The diet of the poor in the United States is surrounded by high sugar and high carbon water. The high-protein diet is still only affordable for middle-class and above. In the United States, those high-sugar and high-fat foods are the cheapest foods and the best choice for the poor.

Moreover, in the United States, eating a variety of high-calorie and high-sugar foods is a common habit of men, women and children, and these foods are too easy to obtain.

Sugar, as a placebo for the poor

Studies have shown that the intake of fats and sugars can bring satisfaction to individuals and alleviate depression.

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For the bottom workers in the United States, after a boring and hard work, satisfying all aspects of their needs through high-sugar foods seems to be the cheapest and most time-saving way. Such "pressure fertilizers" are also deeply rooted in the lives of the people at the bottom of the United States.