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Bid farewell to instant coffee powder, set a coffee pot

  • Author:E-BON
  • Source:E-BON
  • Release on:2018-06-05

▌ The type of coffee maker

Common coffee pots include French pots, moka pots, siphon pots, drip pots, and the like. The concentration of coffee produced in coffee pots is relatively low, and the acidity, bitterness, and alcohol thickness are relatively low. There is almost no grease, and the taste is relatively light, and it is usually directly consumed. 

1. Strictly speaking, electric coffee makers include percolation, drip and vacuum. Percolation coffee makers are early products of electric coffee makers and are inexpensive, but they are not easy to use and have poor reliability. The coffee produced by vacuum electric coffee makers has a strong taste, but their structure is very complex and it is easy to malfunction. After the call coffee maker basically left a drip-style.

The use of the American Drip Kettle is simple, efficient, and reliable. It is ideal for home or office use. The taste of coffee is refreshing.

2. French press pots use soaking to release coffee essences. The method of operation is also simple, convenient and quick, and it is very easy to master and is suitable for use in homes or offices. The flavor of a single-cooked coffee that has been boiled out can be well represented. Those who do not like coffee filter paper can consider this type of pot.

3. The operation method of the hand-pushing filter cup is also simple and convenient. The whole set of equipment generally includes a hand-washing pot, a filter paper, a filter cup and a conical pot, which can perfectly reflect the flavor characteristics of coffee, and is suitable for people who require very high coffee taste. . However, if you are not familiar with the thickness of coffee powder, water temperature, and techniques, it is not recommended to use this kind of coffee pot.

4. The siphon pot is suitable for coffee with slight sourness and moderate alcohol content. The grinding effect is slightly coarser than that of the powder and close to the special grain fine sugar. Putting such a coffee maker in your home and making siphon coffee can give you a feeling of being in a cafe. The siphon-cooked coffee can perfectly extract the mellowness of coffee, which is a favorite practice for many coffee lovers.

5. The Moka pot is a tool for extracting espresso coffee. It is divided into upper and lower parts. The water is placed in the lower part. After boiling, it will generate steam pressure. The boiling water rises through the upper half of the filter pot with coffee powder; Turn off the fire when you flow to the upper half, because if the temperature is too high, it will make the coffee smelly. The operation of this coffee maker is relatively simple and convenient, and the mellow concentration of coffee taste is slightly bitter, suitable for friends who like espresso.

 Purchase of coffee pot

1. From the use of specifications, the power of the home coffee pot is less than 1000 watts, and the capacity can be selected from 0.5-0.8L. This type of coffee pot can punch out 4-8 cups of coffee. If the demand for coffee is relatively large, you can also buy a slightly larger capacity, but it is best not to exceed 1.5L.

2. When choosing a coffee maker, pay attention to the appearance quality. No matter what kind of coffee pot, the outside should be color coordinated and made fine. If there are broken or rough parts, it is not recommended to buy. In addition, be sure to check the bottom of the pot for leaks, which is the most basic requirement.

3. Since many coffee makers work by using pressure, safety is very important. Be sure to pick quality guaranteed products when buying to avoid danger.

4. People who like to drip coffee are suitable for hand punching, siphoning, and pressurizing kettles. The coffee taste of these pots is lighter. People who like Italian coffee are suitable for using Mocha pots. The taste of these coffees is often very rich.

5. If you are a novice and are not skilled in the production of coffee, you are advised to use American drip pot, French pot, and mocha pot. If you are familiar with coffee making skills, you can purchase hand-washing pots and siphon pots.

Use of coffee pot

1. Before buying the coffee maker for the first time, it is necessary to boil two pots of boiling water, so that you can go to the odor in the pot.

2. Like most home appliances, coffee makers cannot be burned. Be sure to turn on the water after filling with water and coffee. Do not power on the empty kettle. When cooking coffee, always pay attention to the water level in the pot. If the water is nearly dry, be sure to cut off the power in time, otherwise it will burn the pot body.

3. The electric coffee maker must not be dry and it must not be filled with too much water. Otherwise, overflowing of the water after boiling will soak the heating element. When adding water, be careful not to spill electrical components from the kettle body.

4. To wait for the pot to cool before cleaning with water, try not to use sand and soda when washing, otherwise it will damage the surface of the pot. 

5. When cleaning the coffee maker, do not directly immerse the kettle body in water. Clean the strainer and filter separately. Clean other parts with a clean soft cloth. The coffee powder on the edge of the coffee container should also be removed, otherwise it will affect the service life of the rubber gasket.

6. The coffee pot should be periodically descaled during use, but it does not need to be too frequent. De-scaling 2-5 times per year is sufficient depending on the use.