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The correct way to use Western tableware

The correct way to use Western tableware

E-BON E-BON 2017-07-19 14:12:53
There are many dishes on the western-style food table, and each thing should be made of special tableware and can not be replaced or mixed. The basic principle is the right hand with a knife or spoon, and the left hand with the fork. If there are two or more, the outer ones should be taken inwards. The handle of the knife and fork is gently holding the tail end, and the index finger is pressed on the handle. 

The spoon is used to hold a pen the way you can get. If you feel uncomfortable, you can use your right hand to get the fork, but changing frequently is rude. It's rude to talk and wave knives and forks. E-BON the most excellent stainless steel company, which provide you with china Stainless steel factory.
1. knife
The most correct position for the knife in the banquet is to hold the handle, the thumb to the handle, and the index finger to the back of the handle. Don't put the index finger on the back, because, in addition to vigorously to cut off the dishes, or a knife is too blunt, forefinger can't reach to the back of the little finger; in addition, do not extend brought a knife, especially women that this position was elegant, actually this is wrong.
Knives are used for cutting food. Don't use a knife to pick up food and bring it to your mouth. Remember: take a knife in your right hand. 

If the meal, there are three kinds of different specifications of the knife at the same time, the general correct usage is that with a little teeth used to cut meat food; medium to big piece vegetables; and the kind of small, so, some of the top of head upturned knife is used to cut small and then use it to pick up some bread, jam, butter on bread. When cutting food, double elbows sink and elbows don't leave the table. 

This will make the other person feel that your eating is terrible, and the food being cut may also fly out! E-BON the stainless steel specialist, stainless steel Kitchenware Knife manufacturer china.
2. fork
The method of holding a fork has two sides, the back side up and the inside facing up. It depends on the situation. The dorsal upward and take a knife, press the handle back to the index finger, the four fingers grip the index finger tip roughly in the handle of the root, if the front appearance does not look good, too, too far back, but not too hard to hard, the food is not easy to fork in. 

When the inside of the fork is facing upward, it is taken as a pencil, with the thumb and forefinger pressed on the handle, and the other three fingers under the support handle. The thumb and forefinger should be placed in the middle of the handle, and if they are too forward, they will look clumsy.

Take the fork in your left hand, fork down, and fork the food into your mouth. If you eat noodles, soft food or peas, you can turn your teeth up. Action should be light, pick up the amount of disposable food into the mouth, do not drag a big bite, and then put it down, it is indecent. 

When the fork picks up the food into the mouth, the tooth touches only the food. Don't bite the fork. Don't let the knife and fork make noises on the teeth or on the plate. When eating larger vegetables, they can be folded and cut with knives and forks. Softer food can be placed on the fork level and done with a knife. 

3. spoons
On formal occasions, there are many small spoon, is used for coffee and dessert; flat for butter and fresh cake; relatively large, small pieces of food for soup or Sheng; the largest is common to eat soup, common in buffet. Never make a mistake. 

In addition to soup spoon and a dessert spoon, eat dessert, can not be directly out of other staple food and dishes; can not be inserted into the spoon dishes, but can not let it stand on the dessert or coffee, drink soup in. The meal can not be all the spoon into the mouth.

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