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Wine glass tips!

Wine glass tips!

E-BON E-BON 2017-06-21 10:47:03
  Adequate preparation must be made to achieve twice the result with half the effort! When you taste a delicious wine, if you do not have the right wine glass, it feels like a blind man without a cane, and the charm of wine will be greatly reduced. A suitable wine glass can guide the liquid to the optimum taste area on the tongue by means of a proper cup-shaped boot.
Cup selection principle
  Principle 1: transparent material. Wine glass material should be smooth and transparent, because the first step is to examine Wine wine color, it can help us understand the wine grape varieties and wine etc..
 Principle two: the size of a cup belly. The cup should be large enough to shake the glass rather than spilling it, because the shake cup helps to release the aroma of the wine.
  Principle three: goblet. Choose one of the reasons is to avoid cup belly goblet on the fingerprint effect of wine color observation. In addition, because Wine is extremely sensitive to temperature, therefore hold the stem or bottom can avoid the influence of body temperature to the temperature of wine, thereby affecting the taste of Wine.
  Principle four: the shape of a cup belly. The standard wine glass is tapered, i.e., its opening is smaller than its cup, because this shape is conducive to the cohesion of the wine aroma.
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