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What kind of cafe is most popular with coffee fans?

  • Author:E-BON
  • Source:E-BON
  • Release on:2018-11-01
Saying that I am a coffee fan is a bit embarrassing. I don’t know what kind of coffee I can drink. I can only describe it with a few simple adjectives: “It’s very smooth!”, “Comparative”, “Well, full of strength” "Oh, it sounds like it's very hard to say what you think, but it doesn't detract from the hobby of drinking coffee."

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A while ago, I heard high school students describe themselves many years ago. When I smelled the coffee, I said, "I don't like this!", and now I have to drink at least one cup a day, so I have the possibility of being awake.

To say that you like the coffee shop, divided into several categories:

1. The coffee is really great. I can just sip a drink at the end of the table. This kind of coffee shop has no magazines, books can be borrowed to see, there is no network to work online is not important, the focus is that a cup of coffee, when the coffee addiction comes, I really want to have it right away, um, I know that there is convenience Shop, but you know, is it different from the mood you want to drink this cup? !

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Friends who make coffee teach a few methods, do not like to drink coffee with milk, to the first visit to the coffee shop, you can point to Espresso to understand the taste of the beans in the cafe is not fresh, is not like beans; like to add milk I ordered Cappucino to get the taste of coffee beans and drink milk and milk foam. Of course, I can see the density of milk foam.

2. The environment is very good, the day is very comfortable, the decor and music are comfortable, and even the air-conditioning feels very well adjusted. (People who are allergic to nose know this little intimate), usually I will do some research when I am not busy, try each one and find the favorite seat of the favorite coffee shop. This is like a very gentle text. The habit of green and fake.

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3. The service is great. The best service in my heart is not that the clerk treats you as a family, but treats the guests as their friends. Of course, it is not a kind of sister or a good friend. The distance is very good. I want to share good things, happy things, exchange some suggestions, and it is best not to talk or be embarrassed. But the most important and important thing is a smile. When you pick a record, you will buy it on the cover. If you walk through the door of the coffee shop, the smiling staff will make me feel " Ok! Try it today!"

If there is a shop, combining the above three points is simply heaven.