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What should I do if I am worried about the unclean dishes?

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  • Release on :2018-11-02
Many people are always worried that the tableware is not clean when they go out to eat, so every time before eating, they will have a pot of boiling water, then burn the tableware in front of them. If you feel this way, you will feel relieved, or take the table directly. The napkin on the table thoroughly wiped the tableware from head to tail.
Although sometimes there is no dust found after the rubbing, but it can make people feel peace of mind, so when you encounter such a problem again, everyone will not care too much.

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1, boiling water hot tableware can not be sterilized.
In general, there are some bacteria like Salmonella, which need to be heated for more than 100° at a high risk of more than 100° to be able to die. Therefore, it is not possible to achieve the sterilization effect by simply boiling the tableware before boiling. of.
It just makes you feel more comfortable. Of course, if you do this, it is also a good idea to be able to burn off some of the dust and oil on the tableware.

2, paper towels and tableware are not hygienic.
People always like to wipe the tableware thoroughly with a paper towel when the tableware is not being treated at a high temperature. If you think so, you can rest assured.
Of course, in fact, it must be known that after relevant expert research, it is completely impossible to disinfect the tableware with a napkin.
It only wipes off the dust on the surface, and the chemical components such as some emollients contained in these napkins or wet wipes are likely to be contaminated on the tableware and absorbed by the body.

3, the treatment of copper tableware.
In the process of using the tableware made of copper, patina is sometimes produced. This substance is toxic, so people must be careful to handle it.
In general, many people like to eat copper hot pot, because this hot pot is a relatively old way, and it will taste more fragrant. Therefore, in the process of using, everyone will vent the copper inside this material will have certain harm to the human body, which makes people afraid to use it easily.

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4, the treatment of glass tableware.
Glass tableware is a kind of tableware that is widely used in people's lives, especially in the shape of appearance, it is relatively cute, and the scope of application is also wide. People always think that glass is not afraid of water, but they do not know that the sodium silicate contained in it reacts with carbon dioxide in the air to produce a harmful substance.

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5, the treatment of stainless steel tableware.
Some trace elements contained in stainless steel cutlery are harmful to the human body, however. It does not cause fatal damage to the human body. Therefore, this kind of tableware is still widely used in life. However, it should be noted that if people take traditional Chinese medicine, they should not be able to stir the stainless steel tableware, because that would affect the efficacy. After all, some of the substances contained in the tableware are special.