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Precautions for women drinking coffee

Precautions for women drinking coffee

E-BON E-BON 2018-10-18 16:29:42

Coffee is a good thing, not only men are very happy, but also the hobby of female friends. But men and women are different, female friends must pay attention to the following points when drinking coffee:

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1. Timely: Do not drink coffee before going to bed to avoid insomnia and affect the normal husband and wife life; 

2, the right amount: Do not drink more than five cups a day (a cup of 150cc to calculate the coffee).

3, it is best not to drink coffee during pregnancy, so as not to cause the baby to be deformed or difficult to conceive; 

4, can not drink coffee on an empty stomach, or it will hurt the stomach. People with duodenal ulcers should avoid drinking coffee on an empty stomach.

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5, pregnant women are best not to drink coffee because caffeine will be absorbed by the baby through the placenta to harm the baby's brain, heart!

6, do not drink too strong coffee, otherwise it will make people become impatient and poor understanding.

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7, coffee is best to add creamer to ease the stimulation of the stomach. But to control the intake of sugar to avoid obesity.