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Can bottles and tableware be sterilized by boiling water?

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Here, it is a hospital where adults and children are not willing to go!
Why are children so sick in winter?
After all, it’s still bacteria and germs! The dry and cold environment is "very friendly" to the survival and spread of bacteria and viruses. Plus, where the little baby walks, and loves to stuff things into his mouth, it is easy to get sick.
If you want your baby to get sick, the best prevention is not to let the bacteria take advantage of it. In addition to washing hands frequently, parents should also do a good job of the baby's back support, those toys, tableware, must be cleaned in place.

When it comes to cleaning your baby, many mothers feel that they are doing it well -
"When the baby eats, the spoon falls off the ground, and I will pick it up and boil it with boiling water."
“Every time I wash my baby a toy, I will help him wipe it with a paper towel.”
"Baby pillows, plush toys, I will often put the sun in the sun to sterilize."
To be honest, these methods do not work well.
Hot water

Many kinds of mothers will choose to use tableware, bottles, etc. that every day, the mother will choose to use hot water to sterilize.
But this way can only wash away some dirty things and a small amount of bacteria visible to the naked eye. In general, even with 100 ° C boiling water, the tableware should be immersed in it, at least for more than 5 minutes to achieve the sterilization effect.
If it is only hot water, not only the water temperature is not high enough, the time is not long enough, the sterilization effect will be greatly reduced.

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Wipe paper

After many parents have finished washing the dishes, they take a piece of paper towel and wipe it, thinking that they have achieved "secondary cleaning." However, there may be certain bacteria in the tissue itself. If the quality is unqualified, bacteria and fungi will double or even smash. So wiping your baby's tableware with a paper towel is actually helping you.

It is generally recommended that after cleaning your baby's cutlery, bottles, and toys, you can dry naturally, instead of rubbing it inside and out.

Sun drying

It is a habit of many parents to give the baby something to sunbathe. However, most of the ultraviolet rays in the sun are absorbed by the ozone before reaching the earth. Therefore, it is difficult to achieve the desired effect by sunlight sterilization.

So how to clean and sterilize is useful? The following methods are more effective, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. You can choose the one that suits you best.

Scope of application: All baby products that are resistant to high temperature and water. Such as tableware, entrance toys, bottles.

Boiled with boiling water is a very effective method of sterilization, but you should first confirm that the material of the tableware and bottle is suitable for high temperature. Put the cleaned dishes and bottles into the pot, add water, and then heat and boil.

Want a better sterilization effect, temperature, time must meet certain requirements, it is recommended to cook in boiling water for ten minutes.

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No additional materials are required, and every household has it.
Need to prepare for boiling water, it is inconvenient to go out;
It takes time to cool after disinfection;
There may be safety hazards such as burns and water drying.

Scope of application: All baby products that can be washed, such as tableware, bottles, plush toys, blankets, etc.

According to the instructions, food-grade household disinfectants (such as the most common sodium hypochlorite) are still very safe, and the sterilization effect is also very strong. Most bacteria and viruses can't escape.

Wide range of applications, easy to buy.
There may be residue if the cleaning is not in place;
Incorrect use may cause corrosion;
It takes a long time to soak for 10-30 minutes, and it is not convenient to go out.

Scope: All baby supplies.

Ultraviolet rays kill these "bad guys" directly by destroying the cells of viruses and bacteria, and cannot divide and proliferate.
This method is very environmentally friendly, does not use gas, and does not use chemical materials. Not only in households, kindergartens, hospitals, but also UV disinfection.
Short time and good effect;
Wide range of use;
Operation is effortless;
The disinfection method is environmentally friendly and has no residue.

Traditional lamp UV disinfection products are not suitable for carrying around.
Generally speaking, it is inconvenient to use boiled water and disinfectant to disinfect, and it is not suitable for going out. It takes time to dry things. The humid environment may also create opportunities for bacteria and other bacteria to grow and reproduce. Traditional UV disinfection has many advantages, but it is inconvenient to carry out.
Mothers can choose the appropriate disinfection method based on these qualities.