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Every cup of coffee in the world is cultural

Every cup of coffee in the world is cultural

E-BON E-BON 2018-08-02 10:58:19

If you are depressed but don't know why, a lover misses a single person, or if you break your boots because of a long journey, Austrian writer Ardenberg will suggest you go to the cafe! If you dream of being a great writer, everything around you is not as good as you want, and even you have no way to go, then he will still recommend you to the cafe!

Another writer, Stephen Zweig, often said: "If I am not at home, then I am in a coffee shop. If I am not in a cafe, then I am on the way to the cafe."

What appeals to the cafes, and the literati in the Western world have flocked to them? And in different countries, how does coffee play a different role as a drink? All of this may first be understood from the coffee culture of several countries.

The enthusiasm and unrestrainedness of the Italians directly maps to their coffee culture, and the fragrant and strong Espresso is the enthusiasm of the Italians. 

The word Espresso means “fast”, from the production process to the taste, the essence of “fast” is everywhere. A 50cc Espresso can take dozens of seconds to make a drink in two or three. Therefore, there are no coffee shops with no seats on the streets of Italy.

The romantic Paris in the early 20th century is like an "incubator" of art and thought, providing a platform for artists and literati to exchange information and ideas. At that time, the exchange of ideas, in addition to needing you to be a literary person, but also to pay for a cup of coffee, and pay their own time costs.

As Xu Zhimo said, if there is less coffee in Paris, I am afraid it will become no one cute.

American coffee is a kind of "rate", and coffee is reflected in their "freedom" and "democracy." The coffee in the American Cup is not bound by too many rules, and coffee is integrated into their lives, drinking nearly one-third of the world's coffee every year.

The life of Americans is not as comfortable as that of Europeans. In a relatively busy and stressful life, the coffee cups around them are often filled with large pots of coffee that are cooked early in the morning, with a lot of water and a slight taste.

People talk about coffee culture, and we don't seem to put the UK in the eye. In fact, in addition to its unique tea culture, the UK is one of the first countries in the world to import coffee.

Personally think that the British coffee culture is leisurely and not heavy, and there are few other countries in Europe that have deep meaning and provide more leisure and entertainment. British cafes provide a "natural" venue for Chinese people to go shopping, friends gatherings, customer meetings, etc. Some Britons can even dedicate their entire afternoons to the cafe.

Speaking of the leisurely coffee culture in the UK, does it make people feel a little familiar? Yes, the coffee culture that China is forming today is a bit like the British coffee culture.

According to historical records, China's first coffee tree was planted in Taiwan in the 1880s, and the earliest coffee planting in the mainland began in Yunnan in the early 1920s. The coffee culture sprouted in the place where Shanghai concessions and the Chinese were inhabited.

It was not until the reform and opening up in the 1990s that coffee gradually entered the lives of ordinary people and began to form a Chinese coffee culture.

"It tastes great" - the slogan of an instant coffee at that time, the growth rate of instant coffee has slowed down so far, and the Chinese coffee culture based on "instant coffee" has gradually passed, and the coffee has become a Chinese. The main object of the consumption of finished coffee products; the coffee cup to the cafe also evolved from the original trend, petty bourgeois behavior, to the normal daily behavior.

In this way, the café has gradually become a place for Chinese people to go shopping, meet customers, meet and chat, and even spend the weekend afternoon. In addition to some famous chain cafes in the country, many high-quality non-chain independent cafes have also been born.

Regardless of the coffee culture, they actually represent a "lifestyle." And this way of life reflects the times and reflects the attitude of life.

As a "lifestyle", some qualified families are even more willing to build a special "cafe" at home, and people have also created a very interesting name - "one square meter cafe".

Just take up less than a square meter of home space, put a coffee machine, a bubble machine, a coffee pot on the desktop, put a few favorite coffee cups around, and put a few bottles on the shelf. A few favorite coffee beans, and then put a few pieces of your favorite small ornaments; next to the refrigerator is the pure milk used to make Cappuccino, Latte.

In a square meter cafe, you can always use your own coffee making knowledge to make a delicious coffee product for yourself or your family and friends.