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Do you really understand Chinese chopsticks? This tableware that holds up Chinese food, we should un

If you want to say China's representative tableware, chopsticks must be the most suitable and perfect choice. Chinese chopsticks seem to have only two sticks, but in the long years, chopsticks occupy a very important position in our food culture. It also affects the food culture of other Southeast Asian countries such as Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, etc. If there is no Chinese chopsticks, then it is believed that the diet of Southeast Asian countries will fall back a lot.

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Chopsticks originated in China, and the earliest chopsticks were called "箸", which appeared in the Shang Dynasty of China. One side, one round, people think that the part of the square head symbolizes the earth, while the part of the round head symbolizes the sky. The idiom "the place of heaven and earth" is full of the awe of the ancestors' awe and curiosity about nature. Chinese chopsticks have a standard length. The length of the original chopsticks is set to seven inches and six points. It represents the person's seven emotions and desires to distinguish high-smart people from animals.

It is worth mentioning that the chopsticks, which are called "箸", actually refer to two small bamboo sticks made of bamboo. After passing chopsticks, metal chopsticks and wooden chopsticks, it was found that it is best to use bamboo to make chopsticks. The surface of the chopsticks is smooth, the texture is regular, the bacteria are difficult to grow and multiply, and the bamboo does not harm the human body. The chopsticks made are light and very suitable for picking up food.

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The Chinese chose to use chopsticks to make tableware, which is in line with the development of Chinese food culture. Back in the Western Zhou Dynasty, the food eaten by the nobility at that time had already been cooked by the chef, and for convenience, the chef had cut the food into pieces one by one and placed them on the plate for the nobles to eat. The nobility no longer needs to cut food with a knife, just use chopsticks to pick up the food. The use of chopsticks immediately became popular and became a symbol of status among the nobles. Over time, chopsticks entered the civilian life and replaced other tableware.

In the continuous progress of human society, the Chinese people who use chopsticks as the main tableware regard chopsticks as the representative of advanced culture, while the nomads combine chopsticks with their own diet when learning culture. Because the nomads like to eat meat, they still keep the knife as a tableware, and add a pair of chopsticks. At this time, there is a “knife and chopstick combination”, put the knife and chopsticks together in a portable container, when eating There is aristocratic temperament, and you can cut meat with a knife.

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From ancient times to modern times, chopsticks have undergone many changes. In modern society, in terms of the length of chopsticks, people no longer limit seven inches and six points, but lengthen the length of chopsticks to adapt to modern people's eating habits. In terms of the shape of the chopsticks, some Chinese chopsticks are improved, and the part of the square head is designed into a rounded square shape, which not only makes the chopsticks look more beautiful and natural, but also the squares and circles of the chopsticks are no longer abrupt and more comfortable to use. It feels better on the touch.

As for the culture of chopsticks, there are actually many things that can be explained and said. If you really want to tell the truth, then you can talk for a few days. Chinese chopsticks are great. Now we can become a world-famous gourmet country and a big food country. Thanks to the tableware that holds up Chinese food. Nowadays, many foreigners have learned to use chopsticks and want to eat delicious Chinese food. Chopsticks are not allowed. And with this knowledge about chopsticks, do you understand now?