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Also pay attention to diet during pregnancy

For many couples who are just married, or who want a second child, everyone wants to be pregnant with their baby as soon as possible, but it is not so easy to get pregnant. At the time of pregnancy, there are many at this time. Note, today Xiaobian will bring you to find out, if you want to have a healthy baby, then you should pay attention to stay away from these foods during pregnancy.

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Pay attention to diet when preparing for pregnancy: If you want to have a healthy baby, everyone should stay away from the four foods.
Caffeine-containing food
During pregnancy, at this time, female friends should not drink coffee or eat caffeinated food, because caffeine can change the secretion of estrogen and progesterone in female friends to a certain extent, leading to female friends. It is difficult to get pregnant, or it affects the implantation and development of fertilized eggs in the uterus. Moreover, caffeine may also inhibit the absorption of iron in the body. Even if you are pregnant with your baby, it may affect your baby's development.

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2. Don't eat raw food
If you are in the pregnancy period, then at this time, it is best for female friends not to eat raw food, such as sashimi or wild animals, or food that is not fully cooked. Because these foods may also be completely obscured, and they also contain some pathogenic bacteria or parasites, etc., which may cause various problems in the female friend's body, even if the pregnancy is successful, it may lead to miscarriage. . Therefore, if you are in the pregnancy period, then at this time, it is best not to eat food that may affect pregnancy.

3. Don't always drink carbonated drinks
Many people may like to drink or juice when they are on weekdays, but if they are pregnant, then whether it is a man or a woman, you should try not to drink carbonated drinks at this time. For male friends, if you drink carbonated drinks regularly, it may affect sperm motility. And if a female friend drinks carbonated drinks during pregnancy, it will reduce the quality of the eggs and affect pregnancy.

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4. Try not to eat pickled foods
Many people in the daily diet may eat some salted foods when they eat, such as pickled pickles or cured meats. These foods may taste very delicious, but the food is in the process of curing. Put a lot of salt, may produce nitrite, if the body's nitrite exceeds the standard, it may lead to acute poisoning, and if you eat salted food for a long time, it may cause cancer. Especially for couples who are pregnant during pregnancy, if you eat salted food on weekdays, it is easy to cause infertility.