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Types, characteristics and matching of tableware

The beautifully shaped and crafted tableware can adjust people's mood when eating and increase appetite. The so-called taste is more to be seen in the subtleties. Tableware can be roughly divided into three categories: porcelain, glassware and cutlery.

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porcelain. Very detailed, hard and durable, with a shiny surface and no penetration at the center. Porcelain tableware mainly includes dishes, teacups, cups and saucers, coffee pots, teapots, and the like. The whole set usually consists of 5 sizes of dishes, generally divided into 15 cm (salad dish), 18 cm, 21 cm (dessert dish), 23 cm and 26 cm (dinner dish). 18 cm can also be used as a larger salad plate.

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The patterns of porcelain tableware can be roughly divided into three categories: traditional, classic and modern. The traditional decorative effect is the same as the decorative plate on the wall. The classic pattern is not easy to be outdated, and it does not form an inconsistent effect with the interior layout or the physical object. Modern design can be matched.

glassware. Glassware tableware mainly includes various wine glasses, decanters, ice buckets, candied fruit, milk cans and the like. Available in a variety of shapes and patterns.

Knife, fork, spoon. The basic knives, forks, and spoons of a person generally include a knife, a fork, a dessert knife, a fork, a spoon, a spoon and a teaspoon, and a spoon for something. In addition, there will be fish knives, forks and coffee spoons. The material is mainly stainless steel, silver plated, gold plated and so on.

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Knives, forks and spoons are essential in Western food. Western table knives can be divided into large knives, medium knives, small knives, and even special butter knives. The fork is divided into a large fork and a middle fork, and the most used one is the middle fork. The spoon is the most elegant in Western food, divided into large spoon, medium spoon, small spoon, coffee spoon, tea spoon, and salad