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The problem you should pay attention to when using stainless steel cutlery

Stainless steel cutlery is everywhere, and it is made of iron-chromium alloy and other trace elements.

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When using stainless steel cutlery in daily life, you must pay attention to the following issues:

1 Do not hold salt, soy sauce, vinegar, soup, etc. for a long time, because these foods contain a lot of electrolytes. If it is kept for a long time, stainless steel will also react with these electrolytes like other metals. Harmful metal elements are dissolved and cause harm to the human body;

2 stainless steel tableware can not be used to torment Chinese medicine, because under heating, stainless steel will react with alkaloids and organic acids in traditional Chinese medicine, causing the drug to fail, resulting in a highly toxic complex, which is not good for the human body;

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3 When cleaning stainless steel cutlery, do not use strong alkali or strong oxidizing cleaning lotion. Such as baking soda, bleaching powder, sodium hypochlorite, etc., these substances are strong electrolytes, which will react electrochemically with stainless steel.

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4 can not be burned. Compared with iron products and aluminum products, stainless steel cookware has low thermal conductivity and slow heat transfer time. The air burning will cause aging and falling off of the chrome plating on the surface of the cookware.