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Cocktail modulation method (one)-To Build

  • Author:E-BON
  • Source:E-BON
  • Release on:2018-05-02
Contrary to the law, the wine in the formula is poured into the cup in the order of the amount without stirring. This method is suitable for two kinds of highly-mixable drinks, and more is applied to the modulation(Stainless Steel cocktail mixer china) of rainbow sake (Push Coffee).
Rainbow wine has three colors, four colors, five colors, and even six colors. Rainbow wine uses different colors of wine, into a cup(oem julep cup factory china), while the various colors are not confused with each other, with distinct layers and bright colors, like a rainbow after the rain.

The key to formulating rainbow wine is to accurately grasp the sugar content of various wines. The higher the sugar content, the greater the proportion, and vice versa. The preparation of rainbow wine should choose sugars with different proportions and different colors.

When it is prepared, it is poured in first, with a relatively small proportion, and then the sugar-free wine is placed last. If you do not follow the order, or if the sugar content of the two wines differs little, it will result in mixing together and no rainbow wine will be prepared.

Do not pour wine directly into the cup during operation. Be light and slow, and avoid shaking. In order to reduce the impact of pouring wine and prevent the color layer from melting, a metal teaspoon (oem Stainless Steel Mearsuring Spoon)can be inserted obliquely into the cup with the teaspoon facing up and the wine poured on the back of the teaspoon so that the wine slowly flows down from the inner wall of the cup.

The rainbow wine formulated should not be put for a long time, otherwise it will take a long time and the sugar in the wine will dissolve easily, which will make the wines penetrate into each other.
The preparation of rainbow wine also needs to grasp the amount of alcohol that is poured into the various colors to be equal, it looks uniform at each level, and the color is bright. In order to increase interest, it can be ignited and burned into flames on the finished rainbow wine, called Guang Pu Shi Coffee, to increase the fun and interesting atmosphere.

When domestically produced wine is used to make rainbow wine, there are not many types of colored wines that contain many types of sugar, which brings with it certain difficulties. The alternative is to use syrup and food coloring to mix colored rums. Made into homemade rainbow wine.