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When faced with bartenders, do not ask these 5 questions

  • Author:E-BON
  • Source:E-BON
  • Release on:2018-04-28
Recall that in your memory of a beautiful night, is there always some time that is related to wine.

Wine can help people to relax. It is an essential drink at the party, but if you are in a bar, then your good night must be inseparable from the bartender's service. In their mix, a glass of A fancy cocktail(Stainless Steel Cocktail Set 4pcs) emerged magically. They deserve us to treat each other with courtesy and deserve our respect. Therefore, in the face of bartenders, the following six sentences should never be said to be exported.

1. Today is my birthday. Can you give me an exemption?

If the bartenders offer a free drink to everyone who asks for it, then your beloved bar should go bankrupt.
2. Can you do some tricks?

If the bartenders have any special skills or exciting mixing (Stainless Steel cocktail mixer china)techniques, you don't have to ask them to perform. But they are not dogs. Please respect them.

Can you give me a glass of low calorie wine?

If you drink alcohol, is calorie really the issue you care about most?

4. Can you give me a strong, cheap, and good drink?

Cheap, strong but also good? Does this kind of wine really exist? Maybe what you want is a glass of lighter Everclear? Basically, you are making bartender something impossible.

5. Have you been to college?

Usually, it does not matter whether the bartenders have gone to university and whether the wine he has brought out is good or not. Although there will be bartenders’ classes in the school, it is not the same as going to college. Let's say this: If they don't understand calculus, they won't affect their ability to make cocktails(OEM cocktail shaker supplier).