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How to Use a French Press Coffee Pot

The French press is a hassle-free alternative to the coffee pot. A popular choice in Europe and Australia, the French press is energy efficient and offers a unique taste for coffee.


1.Remove the top/filter from the press.

2.Pour the coffee grounds directly into the bottom of the press. Use freshly ground coffee grounds for the most flavorful coffee. Course ground coffee is the best for a French press as it is less likely to escape from the filter and leave sediment in your coffee.

3.Boil the premeasured amount of water and let cool for about 30 seconds before adding to the press.

4.Place the top back on the press with the filter raised all the way up. Allow the coffee about four minutes to brew.

5.Press the filter all the way down to the bottom of the press. Allow about 30 seconds or so to settle and the coffee is ready.

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