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The Features of Stainless steel toilet brush

Toilet Brush

EB-TB012 Toilet Brush

A toilet brush is a designed for the cleaning of the lavatory pan.

Stainless steel toilet brush

1、Composition: the outer pot, inner barrel, brush head, handle and lid;
2、Material: mainly stainless steel handle, plastic brush head;
3、Specification: the toilet brush handle length between 200-600 - mm, suitable for different style of the toilet;
4、Surface finish: Matt finish, mirror  finish, painting, printing, etc.;
6、Features: diverse styles, design humanization, there are hanging, standing type. Materials selection, gently brush will bring you a clean and comfortable. Meticulous workmanship, see the unforgettable. Product is suitable for family, hotel to use the bathroom.

What are you waiting for? To have a Stainless steel toilet brush, make your bathroom look brand-new!