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Baroque style has always been known for its unique luxury, sophistication and magnificence. Nowadays, a trend-setting work of art, the Baroque-style stainless steel champagne glass, promotes this fashion trend and adds a unique artistic flavor to your tasteful life.

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In the world of cocktail culture, unique appearance and exquisite design are the keys to attracting attention. Catering to the sophisticated lifestyle in you, we proudly introduce our new Baroque style stainless steel cocktail strainer to inject a touch of luxury and exclusivity into your cocktail experience.

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Steampunk Style Cocktail Shaker

This steampunk style Boston cocktail shaker is high quality and beautifully designed, sure to impress. With intricately etched droid and gear elements, and a touch of royalty, this one is the epitome of vintage elegance.

Steampunk Style Mug

This stainless steel mug is an exquisite piece of drinkware, and its intricate robot and gear design captures the essence of the steampunk genre. Its unique design will take you back to the golden age of Victoria, making you feel the romance and mystery of that era.

Fairy And Castle Style Wine Glass

This elegant stainless steel wine glass is etched with a stunning fairy and castle design. For those who appreciate the finer things in life, this charming wine glass is a must.

Stainless Steel Spherical Wine Glass, Show Your Fashion Taste

This stainless steel spherical wine glass has a charming red copper color appearance, bringing you a unique visual enjoyment. Its surface is finely etched, showing exquisite and gorgeous patterns, which perfectly reflects the unique charm of the Baroque style.

Steampunk Etched Stainless Steel Martini Glass

This stainless steel Martini wine glass is a unique and stylish boutique. Its surface uses exquisite etching patterns and has a cool robotic pattern, representing the charm of steam punk style.

Different Types of Measuring Spoons

Different Types of Measuring Spoons

2014-10-25 11:17:25
Measuring spoons, used to measure small amounts of ingredients, are among the more important tools in a kitchen. Most cooks have a favorite set of measuring spoons and at least one extra set tucked away in a drawer. Measuring spoons come in a variety of types and styles, and are largely a matter of personal preference.

Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons

Stainless steel is one of the more popular materials for measuring spoons. Stainless steel measuring spoons are durable and long lasting, and will always look professional. They will maintain their shape, which ensures that they will continue to be accurate over time. They are easy to clean and sturdy enough to withstand heat and heavy use.

Plastic Measuring Spoons

Plastic measuring spoons aren't always a good choice because they aren't sturdy enough to hold up to intensive cooking, they are lightweight and not as durable as stainless steel. However, plastic measuring spoons are inexpensive and easy to clean, making them a good choice for the beginner or occasional cook. Measuring spoons constructed of heavy plastic will be more durable and long-lasting.

Wood Measuring Spoons

Wood measuring spoons, while not as common as stainless steel or plastic measuring spoons, are sturdy and attractive. It's important to take extra care when washing wood measuring spoons because tiny food particles can get trapped in the wood, which can allow bacteria to develop. Wood measuring spoons are often antiques and used more as decoration than for actual cooking.

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