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What is stainless steel

Stainless steel is generally a general term for stainless steel and acid-resistant steel. (china Stainless Steel coffee tamper factory) Stainless steel refers to steel that is resistant to corrosion by weak media such as atmosphere, steam and water, while acid-resistant steel refers to steel that is resistant to corrosion by chemically etched media such as acid, alkali and salt. Stainless steel has been around since the beginning of this century and has a history of more than 90 years. The invention of stainless steel is a major achievement in the history of metallurgy in the world.

The development of stainless steel has laid an important material and technical foundation for the development of modern industry and scientific and technological progress. (Stainless Steel Milk Frothing Pitcher distributor) There are many kinds of stainless steel and different properties. It has gradually formed several categories in the development process. Classified according to the main chemical composition in steel or some characteristic elements in steel, divided into chromium stainless steel, chrome nickel stainless steel, chromium nickel molybdenum stainless steel and low carbon stainless steel, high molybdenum stainless steel, high purity stainless steel, etc.; classified according to the functional characteristics of steel It is divided into low temperature stainless steel, non-magnetic stainless steel, free cutting stainless steel, super plastic stainless steel and so on. At present, the commonly used classification methods are classified according to the structural characteristics of steel and the chemical composition of steel and the combination of the two.

Generally divided into martensitic stainless steel, ferritic stainless steel, austenitic stainless steel, duplex stainless steel and precipitation hardening stainless steel, or divided into two categories of chromium stainless steel and nickel stainless steel. At present, there is no information that the stainless steel cup is harmful to the human body. From the perspective of safety and hygiene, I think the stainless steel cup is still good. (Stainless Steel Garlic Press manufacturer china)