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You must have a special safe milk glass

  • Author:E-BON
  • Source:E-BON
  • Release on:2018-05-29
 It is well-known that water is an essential nutrient for life, and the body's various metabolisms must be carried out with the participation of water. But not everyone has the right water drinking habits: thirsty, drinking, thirsty, and drinking water are common in life.

Of course, drinking milk is also essential for the human body. For example, yogurt is produced by fermenting milk after adding lactic acid bacteria. During the fermentation process, lactose in raw milk is decomposed into lactic acid, which makes it easier for people to digest and absorb. Soy products are the best plant calcium supplements. Those who do not drink milk should consciously eat more soy products, which will not only make up for calcium, but also obtain a lot of quality protein.

So what cup should we use to drink the essential milk in our lives?

Disposable paper cups or hidden potential carcinogens

Plastic cups are the most filthy

Multicolored glass prone to heavy metal poisoning

TheStainless steel milk cupThis product is made of authentic raw material 304 stainless steel, thickness: 1.0MM, health and health, have a good feel. Applicable to the production of milk tea and coffee pull flowers, especially for the deployment of pull tea. Cup mouth with flat mouth and unique oblique cylinder design, one-piece molding, more conducive to milk rotation and production of high melting milk foam production. The mouth-shaped design can make milk tea, coffee pull flowers, and bonuses make skill, making tea tea makers and baristas more handy. The handle is designed to fit different hand shapes and is easy to use. Surface sanding treatment, cup drawing effect, easy to clean.