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How to brewing a perfect cup of coffee

  • Author:E-BON
  • Source:E-BON
  • Release on:2021-06-20
Nowadays, more and more people have already made coffee a part of their lives. The variety of coffee and the aroma of coffee it attracts attract many coffee lovers. Will coffee pot (Double stainless steel coffee pot)The coffee in the cup is poured into the cup and tastes a complex and full taste every time. It has a bitter and sweet taste, a little creamer or milk aroma.
CAPPUCCINO: It is made by adding appropriate amounts of hot milk and foamed milk foam to ESPRESSO. Approximately 1/3 cup of ESPRESSO is added to the cup first, then 1/3 cup of hot milk is added, and finally 1/3 of the foamed milk foam is added. Foam buoys in the cup, like wearing a hat on the cup, very pleasing. At the same time, the mellow scent of cream was poured in the original coffee aroma. You can also add appropriate cinnamon or cocoa according to your preference.
CAFFE LATTE: Coffee for breakfast, with or without milk foam. Add 2/3 cups of hot milk to approximately 1/3 cup of ESPRESSO. Add a spoonful of foaming milk if you wish. (Formulation of milk foam: Pour hot milk into a frothed cup, cover the lid, and pump for 20-30 times with a pump ball to form a foam-rich foam.
Mocha coffee: Origin: Ethiopia. It has a unique aroma, moderately baked with a soft sour taste, and deep baking gives off a rich aroma and occasionally serves as a bartender.
Colombian coffee: Origin: Colombia. Unique sour and alcoholic taste. Refreshing alternately strong.
Mantening Coffee: Origin: Sumatra, Indonesia. The smell is mellow, the acidity is moderate, the sweetness is rich and intriguing, suitable for deep baking, emitting a strong fragrance.
Generally if you like to drink more bitter coffee, you can choose Man Tanning, it is the king of bitterness, Blue Mountain coffee taste more comprehensive, acid, bitter, sweet, alcohol taste are more average. (Single product Blue Mountain - hand-grinding coffee, OK) but it depends on the actual baking of the coffee. Some coffee shops are baked and will be fresh. Want to eat coffee, usually tiramisu, cookies, mousse and other desserts, drink a coffee, eat a snack, it gives people a very enjoyable ah
So how do we make a perfect coffee? First of all we need a special double stainless steel coffee maker (French filter press)
A tall, thin stainless steel cylinder with a piston with a filter. The hot water and coffee are soaked in the cylinder for four to seven minutes. The coffee filter is then pressed by the plunger filter to the bottom. The upper layer of coffee can then be poured for drinking. This "complete immersion method" is considered by many experts to be an ideal home-made method for brewing coffee.