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Ice cream spoon summer essential

  • Author:E-BON
  • Source:E-BON
  • Release on:2018-06-01
  This summer's favorite ice cream, vanilla.

Dig a spoonful and put it in the mouth. The tongue is full of ice cream and licks your lips. Its taste will come out in layers. Pure milky taste, rich aroma of vanilla, sweet but not greasy aftertaste, smooth mouthfeel and full graininess.

As we all know, Vanilla wolfberry is a rare spice that is second only to saffron because of its small origin, long production time, and high manpower cost. The vast majority of vanilla ice creams available on the market are vanilla supplements. Little better, they are extracted from vanilla, and they are almost full of artificial flavors, so they can be eaten with natural vanilla seeds. The taste is good, the price is acceptable, and it is not easy.

About eating ice cream tools
TheStainless steel ice cream scoop, digging a bit of Microsoft's ice cream is quite appropriate, is the best used so far, to deal with hard iced cold ice cream goes without saying. Easy to use, good value is also good

It is easy to use it to dip the hard iced ice cream. The sweet chocolate sauce surface is mixed with smooth chocolate chips. The taste is full of silkiness and it is a perfect chocolate enjoyment. It's a good choice for chocolate lovers.