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Coffee of all tastes Which one is your favorite?

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Blue Mountain Coffee has all the characteristics of good coffee. It is not only rich in flavor, but also because of the perfect combination of sweet, sour and bitter taste of coffee, it has no bitter taste and only moderate and perfect sour taste.

Green tea coffee is a pure Oriental coffee. Fill the brewed coffee with fresh cream and sprinkle with some green tea powder. The taste of green tea coffee is a bit fragrant.

Cappuccino is an Italian coffee blended with the same amount of espresso and steamed milk.

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Latte is a classic blend of Italian espresso and milk, and Italians like it as a breakfast drink.

Mocha is one of the oldest coffees. It is made up of Italian espresso, chocolate sauce, whipped cream and milk. Mocha is named after the famous Mocha Port.

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American coffee is the most common type of coffee. The taste of American coffee is relatively light, because the general extraction time is relatively long, so the caffeine content is relatively high.