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Which cocktails are more common in bars and suitable for girls (fourth)

  • Author:E-BON
  • Source:E-BON
  • Release on:2018-03-09
Three in one cocktail
Or a standard recipe for a modern sweet and sour cocktail. In simple terms, it is base wine + white orange wine + lemon juice. White orange wine is most used for the sake of the Cointreau, which is mainly used to add sweetness, and the sweetness thus obtained is not as monotonous and “cheap” as syrup. To understand the meaning of the wine, you can buy a Cointreau bottle. The wine version comes home, and then it is poured on vanilla ice cream in an appropriate amount to ensure it can be understood immediately. Under the sweet and sour backdrop, it can show the beauty of the base wine(Wine Bucket China) to the greatest extent - cover up the strong alcohol odor feared by non-inner wine lovers, modify it with acid and sweet, and use low temperature repression and appropriate ice water dilution. Good display of the aroma hidden in the base wine. The degree is still very high, all is short-drinking. Drinkers who drink too low are still struggling to drink this wine, but it is not a problem for most of the female friends I have seen. The standard is based on base wines in a total of six kinds of Gin: White Lady Vodka: Balalaika Rum: XYZ Tequila: Margarita Whiskey: Silent Third (silent third party) Brandy: Sidecar talks about only two of the most typical.

1, Sidecar
If I want to sum up this wine in one word, it is good to drink. This cup of wine is a good example of what it means to be a king. Three-in-one cocktails are kings in their own right. The best choice is to use brandy after the quality of the base wine itself is combined with considerations for cocktails(china Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker supplier). In addition to drinking brandy and drinking to the aesthetic fatigue, this glass of wine is basically suitable for drinking at any time. The moderately sweet and sour taste is very much in line with the aesthetic of women. The noble aroma of brandy itself is completely unmasked. It can be said that it is a pleasing cup of wine in terms of taste and smell. The reason why it is least suitable for entry is because of the lack of fresh fruit aroma and certain degree of alcohol, but it is a must for cocktail lovers.

2, Margarita
Marguerite is known for her reputation, and has the very popular story of “a sommelier commemorating the death of his girlfriend”. People who do not drink cocktails have heard of this cup. But the fact is that the truth of this story is in doubt, and the taste of this glass of wine is not so romantic - plus the level of bartender, it is easy to do. The most attractive appearance is the practice of the “Salt Cup”(ice bucket supplier china), which involves sticking a circle of salt in the cup, so that when drinking, the taste of the glass can be reconciled with salty taste—salt plus lemon and tequila are the most authentic tastes. . Even if covered up again, the smell of agave itself is not very pleasing, and the bitterness of this glass of wine is handled delicately and cannot be completely dealt with by salt and lemon. The enumeration means to a great extent that this glass of wine is famous and well-tuned indeed, especially for people who love tequila, but accidentally it becomes a landmine, and it is newly pitted. Be careful.