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Which cocktails are more common in bars and suitable for girls to drink(third)

Which cocktails are more common in bars and suitable for girls to drink(third)

E-BON E-BON 2018-03-08 10:48:55
A large number of fruit juice types
The use of fruit juices in cocktails(china Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker supplier) is almost unavoidable, especially in the modern context of the sweet and sour taste and the very high rate of use of lemon juice. However, the proportion of juice, the type determines the alcohol level, with only lemon juice embellishment of acidity compared to a large number of fruit juice cocktail significantly lower alcohol level, and the taste is more similar to ordinary fruit juice, but without losing the presence of alcohol and The complexity of taste is the starting point. However, a large number of fruit juice wine is also a hidden assassin, for example, Zombie will be able to quietly put down the drunken people, which put it in other categories to say.
1, Piña Colada (Pina Colada)
I have seen several translations but not quite satisfactory. In Spanish, Piña means pineapple, Colada means filter, and Taiwan has pineapple colada, which is acceptable. (Reminded @ Jin Yujie reminded Coloda also bleach meaning, and the color of this cocktail is also a good match, it should be a more appropriate translation) This is also a fiery cocktails(Red Knob Stainless Steel Cocktail Mixing Spoon china), but in the small fresh circle which do not reach Mojito that rotten degree, to a large extent, with the reduction of the bar on how the recipe has a lot to do. Formula is rum, pineapple juice plus coconut milk, alcohol concentration is very low. Also useful Malibu coconut wine, and many see, personally feel that there is no substitute for color and coconut flavor. Essential is the coconut and pineapple flavor, ideally sweet and sour without losing the coconut flavor, low alcohol concentration, easy to import. However, depending on the use of the bar pineapple juice, the proportion of different and very different, or even useful coco palm coconut juice to make up the number of ... Although it is easy for guests to enter, but to find a good drink is not easy, To do this, quality of pineapple juice and coconut milk is important, in addition to adjusting the best ratio based on the material at hand, but there is almost no other selling coconut cocktail with great sales volume, so it is very difficult to hold great expectations. My impression of this glass of wine is easy to find, easy to import, no alcohol at all, and there is no pressure to drink, but it is a bit difficult to find a good drink, so it is not as popular as Mojito. It may also be related to my requirement for alcohol level.
2. Singapore Sling (Singapore Command)
It's also an extremely popular glass and one of my favorites in a large amount of juice bartender. The highlight is the complexity of the formula, the original formula has been difficult to restore, now it is difficult to find a complex near the original recipe. Sling is a whole class ... uh, the forerunner of cocktails, sweetened by base wines, with no hard work, and the Singapore Commander, the original of Long Bar at Raffles Hotel in Singapore. Nowadays, though there are a lot of places that are not as simple as gin, cherry brandy (or even none), grenadine syrup, pineapple juice, lemon juice, sodas, or Savoy, there are only Dry Gin, lemon Juice and cherry brandy, but there are also many places that use a more reduced formula, with or without added soda, and Benedictine (also known as porcelain wine, a kind of herbal sweet) Angostura Bitters (standard in bitter or bitters, stimulating the aroma of cocktails), sweetened with Cointreau (Cointreau, the most commonly used orange wine). Because of a lot of material, the taste has some complexity, and because of a large number of fruit juice, sweet and sour taste is very lovable, even without regard to the complexity behind the well to enjoy this glass of wine. If you think about it ... Gin's own juniper flavor (heavily covered), the DOM's three-dimensional herb, the aroma of cherry and orange peel, the bitter smell in such a high degree of mixing and juice masking, It is still a bit difficult to distinguish, and because there are many materials in the restored version of the wine list, if the proportion is out of balance, it will have serious consequences. I have a friend who once said that salted fish tasted inside, and the sommelier said there was a guest who said he had a taste of roast duck inside ... Let me just understand that the taste of this glass is easy to import and very interesting. How popular is this glass of wine? Taobao has a large number of ready-made products to buy, I have also bought cans, but the taste is almost ordinary Sling. It is said that Singapore Airlines flight on duty, seek confirmation!

3. Cosmopolitan (Metropolis)
Compared to the cocktail queen Manhattan, the metropolis is the real woman in my heart to drink, the same reputation, but in fact not many people point. Vodka, Cointreau, lemon juice, cranberry juice deployment is not strictly a lot of juice, and still have a certain concentration of alcohol, but because of adequate sweetness, sour sources and full of fruit flavor, which A glass of wine is definitely easy to accept. The standard decoration is red cherries, which I like to eat (not quite right). Taste is the standard modern sweet and sour cocktail(cocktail shaker manufacturer china) flavors, there is no special herb and other odors, the proportion of vodka basically only provide alcohol, will not provide too much of the other flavor. As a short drink enough juice, this cup is my typical example.