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Which cocktails are more common and are suitable for girls (fifth)

  • Author:E-BON
  • Source:E-BON
  • Release on:2018-03-12
Silent murderers
Silent killers have so many wines, are very good at importing and taste is also popular enough, but actually hides the terrible amount of alcohol and falls by accident. But as long as you do not think about the fallen problem, or if you are in a hurry to drink it, the taste of these wines (Wine bucket China) Will not be disappointing.
1, Zombie (zombies)
This is a personal favorite of mine. A large number of fruit juices, especially pineapple juice, have a strong taste, in combination with a very good match with the aroma of Rum, so the taste is simply the best and is now very popular in the bar. "Zombies" themselves are named after "drink more and become a zombie the next day". It is still very easy to have a drink, and this reputation is not so loud. It is even more than the Long Island iced tea. To hide the killer. The formula is very complex, including a minimum of 3 types of rum (also four types), namely white rum, golden rum, dark rum, aging rum (usually Bacardi 151), three kinds of juice that pineapple juice, lemon juice, Passion fruit juice (minimized with passion fruit syrup), as well as Angostura bitters, plus recipes with anise and apricot brandy. Although there are many things, the last thing that comes out is actually the problem of pineapple juice, but you can feel the more moderate and rich sweet-sour smell, the fruity aroma of passion fruit, and if you process it properly, you can feel the sensation of aging feel rum. The beauty is that this smell is different from that of a single aging rum. It is like a pineapple and a passion fruit fragrance that fits perfectly with the rum aroma car. However, if the treatment is not good, it is covered by the taste of juice. It must also get a drink from the bar (Stainless steel bar set china). (If the formula and method are determined, it is not so good to choose the sommelier.) But if you drink too much, you are really down ...
2. Long Island Iced Tea (Long Island Iced Tea)
Most of the popular cocktails among the cocktails, and even women who are single to go to the bar, are US unfounded claims. Now everyone knows that this cup is a high alcohol concentration under the popular taste. Frankly, I have been drinking Long Island Iced Tea for years. Not much has been looked at about cocktails (stainless steel cocktail shaker China). I have no impressions except sweet and easy to import, and I do not intend to drink more recently. The formula contains 4 alcoholic beverages (except cognac and whiskey), orange peel, syrup, lemon juice and cola, and cola is mainly used for color correction. About Long Island Ice Tea is called Long Island Iced Tea. It is pure because it looks like iced tea. If you can drink tea in this glass of wine ... then I think it's better to drink a duck in Singapore. It is incredibly much.